Archive - September 2010


Keep your eyes on Jesus
He is the only way to the Father
By faith in Christ by His grace
His blood shed on Calvary
He paid the price we could not pay

His death on the cross
A voluntary sacrifice-the life is in the blood
Only way to save our soul
A substitute for each of us
His death a victory-evil lost

He delivered us from this present evil world
No pie in the sky bye and bye
A real release from slavery to sin
No longer condemned
We belong to HIM

The cross is not loss
It is gain
Originating by the will of God
He chose to come and save us
Obedience was the key-Jesus died for you and me

Saved solely by grace a gift from God
We resoundingly shout
Worthy is the Lamb who shed His blood-a sacrifice
Amazing love that God would die for me
Keep your eyes on Jesus

Clay Corvin September 25, 2010


Power to live a daily life
To know to be to offer advice
Filled with Jesus the power of life
He guides each step I take

Power to live a daily life
His strength enough for me
To make decisions and find my way
His life is sufficient for me

Power that conquers
Each failure in me
I am not at the mercy of the enemy
I can do all things through Christ

Unfazed by circumstance
His power enables that which is in me
To change to grow to know Jesus
I am content within whatever my conditions may be

Power that is strong today
As strong as it was 2,000 years ago
When Jesus died on the cross for me
The Father by His might raised Christ from the grave

Power to live a daily life
Knowing Jesus fills and fills my soul
I am His and Jesus belongs to me
I am free in Christ nothing can destroy me-Jesus is Lord of me

CLAY CORVIN, NOLA September 18, 2010



You are a mission field
Courted and maintained by God
He is your father, brother, leader, guide
His love poured out for you, You belong to Him

Our glory is in our service
Serving others He has called
As though our life depended on it
Without each other we will fall

Jesus is our Savior
Faith in Him is better than gold
It’s a real position of confidence
We are His to have and to hold

All of our service is an activity of love
The need of a world gone mad with sin
It is in dire need of our love
We are coworkers with God

Live with those around you
With an awareness of your Call
Christ in you your hope of glory
Is that power that will enable you to fulfill your call

Jesus is our best friend
He never sets us aside
Always willing to listen
Calling us to sit by His side

Our growth in Christ
Comes with sacrifice
Setting aside the world
And its selfish advice

Pray for me and I’ll pray for you
Jesus will see us through
His wisdom will carry us in times of pain
You are a mission field in Jesus name

Clay Corvin September 11, 2010;


I was caught by her warmth and kindness
She was a person of hospitality
Filled with a grace that always blessed
When you were in her presence you felt important

A strong character that refused to quit
Failure was not acceptable to her
Active, generous, loyal, and faithful
Every challenge she faced was defeated

She possessed a deep faith
Her joy was infectious
She was wise, patient, understanding and generous
In her presence you were encouraged

She was a matriarch
A family and church leader
Her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and others were loved
They counted on her and she taught them to be people of value

The Seminary was especially blessed to have her
She was our blessing
We always counted on her for forty-six years
She always met the mark and then some

Our students were blessed by her
She helped them with their troubles
A listening ear, a kind word and financial help
They believed in her and she was trustworthy

All of us will miss her
We will miss her in ways that are not definable
She was part of our sunshine
Our joy is full knowing she is with Jesus

Almetta thank you for being our friend
Thank you for being a family leader
We miss you, life goes on but we miss you
Thank you for your life invested here in New Orleans

Clay Corvin
September 4, 2010