Archive - June 2011


A good man
A giant of our faith
A bondservant of the Lord God
Jesus called him at an early age
Never veered from his faith
Loved Jesus everyday

Walking in Christ
The Word molded him
Milton lived to do the right thing
He loved his wife and two children
They were the center of his life
As Milton marched to the drumbeat of Christ

Faithful, generous and patient
Seeking diligently to help others
College students, seminarians and people in need
His pocketbook belonged to Jesus
So did his hands and feet
A good man, a giant of our faith

He walked with the power and authority of Jesus
Never failing to promote the kingdom
Always concerned for the lost
He cared for people
Sent by Jesus to do His work
At age 90 still concerned for the lost

Devoted, capable, unselfish
Strong, sensitive, skilled
Good cook, a good host, a good friend
Now with Jesus
“Well done” Christ said
We will see you soon my friend

Clay Corvin June 24, 2011