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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – the name that changes everything, He is my king
Why then does my life not reflect it, my words do, my life doesn’t
I’m nervous, or afraid or maybe just a worrier-everything I’m told I don’t have to be
Fearful of loud noises and things that go bump in the night, where is my courage

Jesus calls us to His glory, His excellence, He gives us all things pertaining to life
Wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding, what happened to me, Lord I need you
There is a call from Christ that is understood, change, become more like Jesus
I know it’s a process, a glorious, wonderful process, shepherded by Jesus Himself

We live in the midst of a perverse generation, the world hates Jesus, I want to change
Christ calls me to be a light bearer, to season the world with salt-my actions like Jesus
I am to be His hands and feet, Oh Lord right now I’m neither, what must I do to change?
To become more like you and less like me, Lord I’m on one knee, bring me near, I will follow you

Grow-change the ground upon which you are standing, be a student of the Word, let it sink in
Let His Word cultivate your mind and your heart, the heart is desperately wicked
The Word of God counsels the heart, monitors the mind, Lord create a clean heart in me
Jesus will make you pure, purity is the parade ground of a functioning servant of God

Glow-His purity in you will facilitate developing self-discipline, desire and passion seek control
Jesus gives you control for He lives in you, His presence will encourage perseverance
Perseverance experienced plumbs the depths of your soul, it becomes the iron will that faces life daily
Godliness becomes your default response, you believe and know you believe, Jesus is Lord

Glorify-God in you working out of you will give all honor and glory to God-It’s Jesus
Christ will connect with you, He will direct you, your life will be changed in every way
Now you become servant to all, genuine love for people in your heart, loving those you hate
The life you live, a life of love, caring for the helpless, unlovable and needy-Jesus loves through you

Day by day, remembering that Jesus died for my sin, I pick up my Cross and follow Him
Jesus is Lord of me, today, tomorrow and forever, I love Him
My love for Christ enables me to love, especially when I am not loved
I do what I can do, trusting Jesus with what I can’t do, I’m leaving His mark in the world

Clay Corvin

BE MY VALENTINE    February 14, 2017

Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year!

It is a great life – with great challenges – each year has new FIRSTS!

You never change – always caring, concerned and loving

How I have been so lucky I’ll never know


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

You are my heart – the very foundation of all I hold dear

Kind and gentle – Even when I’m gruff and impossible

Your wisdom guides me through – I need your understanding – it changes me


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

I get worn out quick – you are tireless and indefatigable – my rock

You listen – you hear – you stand with me

As I work through another issue – you are near and never bored – you make me feel valuable


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

No one knows the future – it doesn’t bother you

You know Jesus – He loves you – You love me

I love you – I loved you in 1968 and each years since – I love you now


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

If we are still on this Earth 20 more years (or 30 or more) – I will still love you

Children and grandchildren love you – I love you more!

Thank you Lord for your gift of Carol – Thank you for the opportunity to tell her how much I love her!


Clay Corvin – Our 49th Valentines Day!



Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved
No longer at the mercy of the world, a mean and evil place
The foolishness of His message, reaching out and saving those who believe

I believe in Jesus, a faith that preserves my soul
The same for you, for by grace are you saved, a gift of God so that none can boast
Vilified by the world, Jesus walked to the Cross, He saw your need and died for you

My life, my focus, proclaim the name of Jesus
It isn’t a preacher thing, it is a Christ believer thing
All of us, each one of us are to tell the story of Jesus-He is the Gospel

God’s Good News to Us, Jesus, He came that we might have life
He came to break the bondage of sin, it is a back breaking bondage
We cannot deal with it on our own, Jesus our Savior gives us life and light for living

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord
Believe in your heart that the Father God raised Jesus from the dead
You will be saved and that is a promise from God

The Good News, the power of God for salvation to all who believe
A story that must be told-everyone needs to hear
Jesus has come and His coming saves us from a certain death and it is our right to choose

The Father would that all would be saved but they won’t
Tell everyone you see but remember you don’t save them you just tell them
The power of God in the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ saves us-a free gift from God

We don’t judge, we don’t condemn-we love one another, we care for the orphan
We minister to those in prison, caring for the alien, giving all we have to help
But first and foremost we tell the story about Jesus-how He died and what He has done for us

Nobody knows another person’s trouble, but they certainly are troubled
Jesus knows our sorrow and He came that we might have life and that more abundantly
His free gift to you and me-life like the Father’s-life eternal

No longer in bondage to sin, we go and tell the story, of what Jesus has done for us
For when we were dead in our trespasses and sin Jesus died for you and me
His love saves us, His love saves whosoever calls upon His name, He is the Gospel

The Gospel-Jesus Christ is the good news of God coming to us because of our great need
Jesus changes everything-we are no longer slaves in bondage to sin-we are free
There is nothing the world can do to us-we belong to Jesus

Clay Corvin
February 4, 2017