Archive - 2007


So fast the years they hurt my ears, I barely hear so good
Sickness, pain and muscle strain, stoop my shoulder and halt my gain
Oh yes the end is coming and planning soothes the soul
Then out of darkness leaps a scare, planning is put on hold

Echoes of mortality shake us to the core, we think it happens to others
Yet reality happens here, I cannot avoid the fear
Living for the moment, stops the march of time
I am free to do and be, as long as it is right now

Claim God’s gift of freedom, Jesus is its name
He will lead and guide each day, freedom is our gain
In His name we have no shame, our life belongs to Christ
Peace and joy we can claim, we live in Jesus name

Clay Corvin


Speak a word to me Remind me I am free
Together we can face The worst that life can be

Encourage me Stand with me Help me to be okay
Hold my hand with strength Accept me

This will strengthen my soul Steel my heart
I can grab a hold Life will not beat me

Walk with me Solo steps are hard
Together we can face odds Friendship gives me hope

Maybe there is a light Even though I cannot see
Your faith in me One day will heal me

Friendship changes how I think It makes me better than me
I can be renewed Life is what I choose

Clay Corvin 8/10/07


A mother of strength and purpose
Worth of all praise
A wise and able servant
She lives by Jesus name

A partner with her husband
Strong and confident in her work
She loves the Lord Jesus
And exhibits grace and peace

A kind and generous person
Many can testify
A joy in her walk and talk
Jesus is magnified

Three brilliant, wonderful children
Raised at their mother’s knee
Trained in the Bible
They live Jesus every day

She has built an orderly household
Runs her office par excellence
A woman of distinction
An ambassador of Christ-God’s Son

Clay Corvin 7/30/07


I drove the city today
Everywhere I went was decay
Grass too high, houses destroyed
Almost two years from Katrina

Why is it taking so long?
Who is to blame?
Time moves so quickly-people heal slowly
Especially the poor and of course you and me

Will it return? I think so but very slowly
Many hearts are broken-an entire generation that will always know
Katrina in all of its destruction-and hateful spite
Mankind at its best and worst-life forever changed

I know many who have packed it in-now they live elsewhere
Good jobs and a new life and that was how it had to be
We must do what works for us
There is no one way as we climb out of this mess

I am glad to be here-I’ve walked most of New Orleans’ streets
They are passionate streets that tell many tales about struggle and pain
Never hiding the conflict of evil in its domain-but sympathetic even then
This is where I came to answer God’s call-caring for others even when they’d fall

Mom and Pop stores destroyed-never to return
The food scene will be different-not bad just different
And all around we will no longer see what we saw
I’m not sure what it will be but in time we will see

Pray for the hurting and those overwhelmed
Nature can destroy with no conscience or demand
Leaving tangled lives all around
I am still here and praying for our land

Clay Corvin 7/22/07

Chris Friedmann

There you are
There you stand
Still committed
To be used as Christ’s hand

Surrendered to Jesus
Joyous in your life
Hardworking, able
Loving husband to your wife

Ever patient
Always kind
A gentle man
Service on your mind

You genuinely care about others
Giving your heart and soul
Great gifts and skills surrendered
Serving Jesus is your goal

Delightful to be with
Loved by wife and kids
Jesus is served
By the way you live

Daily we have enjoyed you
Daily you’ve stood the test
Daily we will miss you
Godspeed as you follow Jesus’ request

Clay 5/20/07


His faith is focused
His friendship true
A man of kindness
Gentle too

Warm and confident
Faithful and strong
Unselfish and humble
Suffering for Christ

Living by God’s wisdom
Studying to teach
A leader with compassion
Communicating with grace

A breath of fresh air
A friend for life
All he does dictated
By his Lord Jesus Christ

Loving wife
He’s loved for life
Godly children
Who love Jesus Christ

Energetic preacher
Ardent prayer
Powerful leader
Serving Christ

No hint of arrogance
His life easily seen
Loving Jesus
Living for Christ

Clay 5/23/07


Broken homes
Destroyed lives
Work against recovery
Money is not the key

Man is led
By faith of heart
A vision setting free
Giving strength from Thee

No one can remove the pain
Destruction is complete
But eyes that see in Jesus
Christ sets free
To recover and restore
Building a new life in Thee

Then one day
The building is complete
We will walk the streets
Cleansed and rebuilt

People praising Jesus
He is our King
Now our joy complete
We will live in peace with Thee

Clay Corvin




In times of tragedy
We look for God
Asking Him for meaning
For our very brief life

Lord remind me of love complete
Give me the things I need
My hope is in You
So that the trouble will not defeat

Lord, oh Lord my King
Touch my soul deep
Deeper than my heartache and pain
This tragedy brings to me

Open up my eyes to see
Touch my frame
Encourage me
Let me know you are here

Do not let the roaring waters drown me
Stop the mountains before they slip
Remember my name is on your hand
Lord do not forget

One day soon
I will stand before Your throne
Not by what I’ve done
By Jesus and Him alone

Until then strengthen me
So that my life will be anchored in You
Fill me with Your joy
Pour Your peace on me

Clay Corvin


We do not deserve this heartache
How can we complain?
Evil came calling
Destroying our land

The best I had
In pools of blood
Why did this happen?
I wish I understood

Tragedy, oh tragedy
So thorough and complete
Touching all with scaring wounds
You even took my hope

I hope now in Christ
He is all to me
I see the thorns and nails
Jesus faced evil for me

He knows my pain and horror
Standing beside me
He holds my hand
I hope now in Christ

Clay Corvin


Praying for the families of the Virginia Tech massacre

Father evil continues to surprise and overwhelm us. Please bring peace to the hearts and minds of the family and friends of those gunned down at Virginia Tech. Help them to work through the darkness of loss and walk toward your comfort and compassion. Help each person that is suffering to heal and live with this great injustice. Lord life can be so unfair. Encourage them and love them in such a way that they will know you in a deeper and more profound way. Jesus we know you love each one of us help us as we grieve.
Bless us this day.