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I love Jesus He walks with me
Jesus is within me
He comforts and restores me
His love nourishes me
His presence conquers my failure
Jesus is my peace
Jesus is my victory
Jesus is beneath me, over me, behind me, the Lord covers me

I love Jesus
Jesus is my light
Jesus is my life
Jesus knows all about me
Jesus will never leave me
Jesus is greater
He is the only way to the Father
I live for truth and Jesus is the truth

I love Jesus
He is remaking me one incident at a time
Jesus is my focus
Jesus is the subject of my call
Jesus is Lord of all and He rules my life
Make it so Lord Jesus rule me
Equip me to make good decisions
Jesus changes everything-He loves me

Clay Corvin, October 23, 2014


Gezer Water System 2015 Dig
Posted: 13 Oct 2014 02:53 PM PDT
Gezer Water System Expedition
May 24 – June 11, 2015
Tel Gezer, Israel

THE PROJECT:Participate in the excavation of an ancient Canaanite water system at Tel Gezer in Israel.

DATES: May 24 – June 11, 2015. Volunteers should plan to arrive no later than May 22, and those working all three weeks should plan departures for June 12 or 13.

COST: $1800 for the 3-week season, or $600 per week (Extra days $100/day) + airfare. Costs cover room, board and weekend travel. Preference will be given to three-week participants. Participants are responsible for their own flights to and from Israel. The dig will arrange airport pickup.

WEEKEND TRAVEL:The expedition will arrange several field trips covering key areas of Israel. Weekend travel costs are included in the excavation pricing.

ACCOMMODATIONS:Volunteers will be housed in air-conditioned rooms at the Neve Shalom Guest House, with three to four persons per room.

ACADEMIC CREDIT:Undergraduate or graduate course credit for up to 6 semester hours is available. Additional tuition fees apply.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Dan Warner ([email protected]) or Dr. Dennis Cole ([email protected])

Sponsored by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s
Moskau Institute of Archaeology/Center for Archaeological Research
and the Israel Nature and Park Authority


Amazing, unbelievable, miracle
All things I think as I consider what we have done
Forty-six years together
Each year a gift of grace
We forged a partnership-it required unselfish devotion and forgiveness

You have given 150% and taught me to give my best
Trust has been a benchmark of our faith in each other
Jesus saw us thru many tragedies and triumphs
He never let us go – we cling to each other
I need you and gratefully you need me-thank you

We have years of memories-sad, bad and glad
We have created a history-the Lord knows its worth
We cherish and celebrate that history today-a very special day
Forty-six years together and now we have much more
Daniele, Adam, Leslye, Jeremy, Kelly and Louis-Alexis, Elianna and Isabella

Our family is strong, our future is bright
Forty-six more would be wonderful
I will be grateful for each one-I love you
Thank you for the memories and love you’ve shown me
Happy Anniversary-great years and days ahead-YOU ARE THE BEST!



Praise the Lord, His will is perfect, He is always good
The Holy Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the source of our blessing
His blessings showered upon us in the heavenlies, where Satan roams
That prince of the powers of the air may haunt the heavenlies
Rest assured that Jesus Christ has already won the victory
Calling us to trust and obey-walk in obedience-claim this gift-He gives it for you

We are beings caught in time-I was, I am, I will be
Jesus is timeless-before Abraham I am
If the Father hadn’t chosen me before the foundation of the world He wouldn’t choose me now
He removed all of our sin-He saves us, He sanctifies us, He gives us His righteousness
The Father sees us in Christ, holy and without blemish, making us His sons and daughters
God made us His beloved, it wasn’t our idea

Christ forgives our sin by the riches of His grace- divine and human
His grace providing for our need-we don’t deserve it, it is free to you and me
We are loved and He loves us because He chose to love us
He does what He does because He is what He is, God is love
One day all things will be summed up in Jesus
Jesus is God’s everything-beyond anything we can imagine

The Holy Spirit is seeking to enable us
He doesn’t bless programs and performances-He blesses His Word
It speaks to us, giving us wisdom mercy and grace, speaking salvation to us
Witnessing to our belief, guiding our faith-Active in me
We are sealed by the Holy Spirit, nothing can separate us from Jesus
In Christ we are free, He loves you and me, to the praise of His glory

Clay Corvin August 23, 2014


A man of courage, living everyday the way he believed
He loved his wife, she was his guiding star
Devoted to his children, each the best and the most important
Every one he met was special, a man of deep faith

His life was too brief, how often does one this great come our way
Generosity was a strength, he looked for those in need
He cared for his church and his church family
Joy on the journey was his creed

Work was important and he worked with excellence
His vigor legendary, his service herculean
All around us are things he created, marvelous
We will miss his guiding hand so much

A strong shoulder
Listening ear
Quiet strength
He loved a good laugh

A helper, a leader, a shining star
His presence brightened the room
His care encouraged and strengthened
He wanted to help others

Never first in line but first to pay
Didn’t demand his rights but would fight for yours
Lived his life with power from Christ
He was God’s man first and last

Epic, significant, servant
A great man who loved the Lord with all his heart
He passed our way and called us friend
A blessing from the Lord, We loved him and will desperately miss him

We will see you again my friend
We won’t forget you
We will carryon with you in our heart
Adios, good bye, shalom

Clay Corvin July 21, 2014
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Punctual particular prescient
Useable useful
Listens closely to God
His whole life a service to God

Never sidetracked
His work a joy
A family man
Deeply loving and beloved

You wouldn’t know him
He does what He does for Jesus and not fanfare
His vision is to do as much as He can for Christ
His history spells it out-Jesus is God’s everything

We can’t use his name
He insists it is all about Jesus
Christ is his all and in all
Everything he does is because of what Jesus has done in him

He is blessed and a blessing
He and his family march in obedience to Christ
Jesus is Lord in their life
We pray for him and them-constantly and with gratitude

Clay Corvin July 19, 2014



I grew up there-with lions and tigers and bears
Mysteries abounded-yet it sheltered me from the unknown
Deep in the recesses of my mind-it is a place I’m known
And loved
Throughout victories and defeat-I was welcomed as me
Warts and all it was where I belonged

Something happened as a teenager
I roamed-seeking new places
How to belong
Wanting to make my own way-to build a home
Make someone belong
Together we made our way-husband and wife

Children came, jobs and age went by
Our home, our place
Wanting to provide what we once had for our children
Acceptance and forgiveness are important
Listening without criticism, we love, they count
Christ in our hearts shaped our life and guided us in leading our family

Home is where the heart is
Christ has my heart, now when I hurt I run to Him
He reaches out and forgives me I need this the most
Jesus encourages me, loving me thru my remorse and fear
That loathing of self that sin brings-Jesus loves me
I belong to Him, my heart seeks His shelter, I belong

Clay Corvin July 19, 2014
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The world is a struggling place
Over flowing with heartache and pain
Disappointment robs our joy
Life can be so plain

Yet once in a while
Some one comes along-like the Moskau family
Holding high the light of Christ
They change everything they touch-for the better

Their humility is legendary-they claim no personal rights
They seek to help one and all
Their life is focused on Christ
Jesus is their all in all

They overflow with courage
Helping others fight the good fight
Life it seems is their precious gift
Christ is alive and living in them

Clay Corvin  6/20/14

HILDA JOHNSON – May 21, 2014

Hilda lived her life in awe of God and in love with people
She was a friend of God, wife to Ed, a mother and a grandmother
So many people depended on her
She had a passionate heart for service
People count with Jesus and they counted with Hilda

Her deeds and exploits are too many to detail
They involved helping when she in fact needed help
Suffering with others when she was suffering painfully
Doing for the needy when she could barely walk
She never backed down from the commitment to serve Jesus

A Saint in ordinary clothing
A servant of the most-high God
She knew the great need around her
She fought valiantly every day to meet that need
Devoted to Jesus-she deeply loved her family and completed Ed

Kindness and gentleness were two of her strengths
She had the heart of a champion
A will of iron and a cheerful spirit
Feet that never tired spreading the Gospel
Hilda now serves with Jesus-we will miss her every day

Clay Corvin 5/23/14


Pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist and author
Bob loved the Lord with his whole heart
Adored his wife, his children and grandchildren
They were always on his mind and not far from him

A tireless worker for Jesus
Faithful soul winner
Wise in the ways of the Lord
Bob lived an exemplary life

He was a mentor
In word and deed
Strong in serving Jesus
The Lord’s work his life

No bend, no break
Bob did what was right
Never backing up on the cause of Christ
A saint, a servant and a warrior

Humble and kind
Gentle with difficult folk
Judicious with contrary folk
Bob knew what needed doing and did it

A fellow you could follow
A friend who was true blue
Jesus was his mentor
Heaven now his home

Clay Corvin March 5, 2014