Archive - March 2007


All around are shakes and fries
Instant everything
In a world that is passing away
Life is not very long

People crying for help
Drugs and evil rule
I must hear their plea
Life will set me free

Jesus brings life and light
To hardened, hurting souls
I am called to share
God’s love with those in the cold

The world is a lonely place
Love does not abound
In Christ we share the love He gives
With every one we meet

I am not to judge
I often can’t debate
The world cannot mimic
The love of Christ in the face of hate

Go and tell
Care for the lost
Jesus is seeking through me
And He has paid the cost

Clay Corvin 3/16/07


A Christian servant
Humble and kind
Stan cared about people
All of the time

Loved his family
Cherished his wife
They were close friends
All of their married life

Unique and gentle
Joyful and sweet
A renaissance man
In Christ complete

Preacher and teacher
A leader of Christ’s flock
Stan was faithful
In all of his work

A people person
Useable and useful
Determined to serve Jesus
We will miss Stan’s work

Clay Corvin 3/7/07


Woman with a profound faith
Believed God
Faithful mother
Loving wife
Jean was a partner with Carey and Christ

A homemaker
Great cook
Joyful hostess
Faithful in church
Strong in daily life

Her kitchen was open
To all who came
She loved to encourage
Always a smile
Each day a joyous life

Jean was kind
We will miss her until we get to the other side

Clay Corvin 3/7/07


A layman faithful and true
Willing to do
Just as Jesus said
Jack’s actions spoke his work

Focused and to the point
Kind and wise
Gentle to all he met
A business man without regret

His family was his crown
His wife his partner in life
They did it all as one
Christ the focus of their life

Quiet, positive
Words that were the man

Jack cared for the needy
He loved his church
He will be sorely missed
Now he’s answered the final call

Clay Corvin 3/6/07


God’s man
Proclaiming the Word
Jesus was His goal
He lived as the Father told

Faithful parent
Loving husband
Possessed by Jesus’ love
Struggling to get it right

Eddie’s life was hard
Long days of travel
Short nights to preach
Every day a joy

His attitude was sweet
His heart complete
Doing what Christ loved
He lived a life of faith

Strong and true
Able to do
Words from God his realm
Heaven always his view

One day we will see
Eddie on his knees
Serving still his Lord
God’s man is home with Him

Clay Corvin  3/6/07


A servant of the Gospel
Confident in Christ
Becky lives her faith each day
Serving Jesus Christ

Her way is Spirit guided
Her life a Holy trail
Loving the things of Jesus
She has a story to tell

Many have been blessed
Many call her friend
Her gentle spirit refreshing
Kindness is her gift

Steeped in the Scripture
Ready to give her defense
Fighting evil minions
Her life she quickly gives

Blessed are those that know her
She is insightful and true
Focused on things of Jesus
A scent of heaven when she comes through

Clay Corvin 3/7/07



A rugged man
Gentleman too
He and his wife
Partnered through

A builder
Christ pulled him up
Gave him God’s view

Visionary man
Business his hand
Loved his family
Together they grew

True to Christ
He gave Godly advice

Cal is remembered
We knew him well
Some day soon
We’ll see him again

CC 3/16/07


Very God
Very man
Jesus came
So I would know
That God is in control
His grace enough for me
I am not alone
His love abounds for free

So much in life
Confounds my mind
So often I feel pain
But has walked
The land I walk
Felt the strain on me
Declaring I am free
His blood the payment for me

Little mind
Little man
So hard to comprehend
But when the Lord
Came down to me
His action showing me
How deep and wide
His love was for me

Calling me to service
Calling me to yield
And in this serving
Yielding mode
I find my strength
To tell and show
Abundant life that gives
So everyone will know

Jesus is for each and all
His love so deep and true
In Christ is value
Strength and grace
Guiding all to know
A quality of life like His
People seek to have
And Jesus gives for free

Clay Corvin 11/29/06


A plain spoken man
Faithful to Christ
Willing to sacrifice
Serving the Lord

Gifted with strength
Wise in life
A generous heart
And forgiving hand

Success marks his walk
Failure unknown
Even the world
Can’t take what he owns

Three gifted children
A Christ like wife
Serving the Lord
Taking Billy’s advice

His journey is swift
He has done God’s work
Many souls
Rejoice at his worth

Billy is true
Always the same
Jesus on his lips
Christ knows Billy’s name

Clay Corvin 7/28/06


Just a guest
Filled with blues
Jesus came
I cannot lose

All the ways
I choose to live
Does not change
The strength of God’s grip

I’m HIS guest
My life HIS gift
With value and worth
I cannot miss

Inside I cry
For all I’ve lost
A foolish thought
For I’ve been bought

The price was high
The payment complete
Christ gave me life
He set me free

Born for love
Distracted quick
Too often scared
I forget HIS stick

His presence near
To heal my hurt
Building life
Removing the dirt

Swifter than a breath
Suffering He’ll remove
A relationship with Jesus
Will defeat this world’s blues

Clay Corvin 5/31/06