Archive - April 2007


Broken homes
Destroyed lives
Work against recovery
Money is not the key

Man is led
By faith of heart
A vision setting free
Giving strength from Thee

No one can remove the pain
Destruction is complete
But eyes that see in Jesus
Christ sets free
To recover and restore
Building a new life in Thee

Then one day
The building is complete
We will walk the streets
Cleansed and rebuilt

People praising Jesus
He is our King
Now our joy complete
We will live in peace with Thee

Clay Corvin




In times of tragedy
We look for God
Asking Him for meaning
For our very brief life

Lord remind me of love complete
Give me the things I need
My hope is in You
So that the trouble will not defeat

Lord, oh Lord my King
Touch my soul deep
Deeper than my heartache and pain
This tragedy brings to me

Open up my eyes to see
Touch my frame
Encourage me
Let me know you are here

Do not let the roaring waters drown me
Stop the mountains before they slip
Remember my name is on your hand
Lord do not forget

One day soon
I will stand before Your throne
Not by what I’ve done
By Jesus and Him alone

Until then strengthen me
So that my life will be anchored in You
Fill me with Your joy
Pour Your peace on me

Clay Corvin


We do not deserve this heartache
How can we complain?
Evil came calling
Destroying our land

The best I had
In pools of blood
Why did this happen?
I wish I understood

Tragedy, oh tragedy
So thorough and complete
Touching all with scaring wounds
You even took my hope

I hope now in Christ
He is all to me
I see the thorns and nails
Jesus faced evil for me

He knows my pain and horror
Standing beside me
He holds my hand
I hope now in Christ

Clay Corvin


Praying for the families of the Virginia Tech massacre

Father evil continues to surprise and overwhelm us. Please bring peace to the hearts and minds of the family and friends of those gunned down at Virginia Tech. Help them to work through the darkness of loss and walk toward your comfort and compassion. Help each person that is suffering to heal and live with this great injustice. Lord life can be so unfair. Encourage them and love them in such a way that they will know you in a deeper and more profound way. Jesus we know you love each one of us help us as we grieve.
Bless us this day.