Archive - May 2007

Chris Friedmann

There you are
There you stand
Still committed
To be used as Christ’s hand

Surrendered to Jesus
Joyous in your life
Hardworking, able
Loving husband to your wife

Ever patient
Always kind
A gentle man
Service on your mind

You genuinely care about others
Giving your heart and soul
Great gifts and skills surrendered
Serving Jesus is your goal

Delightful to be with
Loved by wife and kids
Jesus is served
By the way you live

Daily we have enjoyed you
Daily you’ve stood the test
Daily we will miss you
Godspeed as you follow Jesus’ request

Clay 5/20/07


His faith is focused
His friendship true
A man of kindness
Gentle too

Warm and confident
Faithful and strong
Unselfish and humble
Suffering for Christ

Living by God’s wisdom
Studying to teach
A leader with compassion
Communicating with grace

A breath of fresh air
A friend for life
All he does dictated
By his Lord Jesus Christ

Loving wife
He’s loved for life
Godly children
Who love Jesus Christ

Energetic preacher
Ardent prayer
Powerful leader
Serving Christ

No hint of arrogance
His life easily seen
Loving Jesus
Living for Christ

Clay 5/23/07