Archive - July 2007


A mother of strength and purpose
Worth of all praise
A wise and able servant
She lives by Jesus name

A partner with her husband
Strong and confident in her work
She loves the Lord Jesus
And exhibits grace and peace

A kind and generous person
Many can testify
A joy in her walk and talk
Jesus is magnified

Three brilliant, wonderful children
Raised at their mother’s knee
Trained in the Bible
They live Jesus every day

She has built an orderly household
Runs her office par excellence
A woman of distinction
An ambassador of Christ-God’s Son

Clay Corvin 7/30/07


I drove the city today
Everywhere I went was decay
Grass too high, houses destroyed
Almost two years from Katrina

Why is it taking so long?
Who is to blame?
Time moves so quickly-people heal slowly
Especially the poor and of course you and me

Will it return? I think so but very slowly
Many hearts are broken-an entire generation that will always know
Katrina in all of its destruction-and hateful spite
Mankind at its best and worst-life forever changed

I know many who have packed it in-now they live elsewhere
Good jobs and a new life and that was how it had to be
We must do what works for us
There is no one way as we climb out of this mess

I am glad to be here-I’ve walked most of New Orleans’ streets
They are passionate streets that tell many tales about struggle and pain
Never hiding the conflict of evil in its domain-but sympathetic even then
This is where I came to answer God’s call-caring for others even when they’d fall

Mom and Pop stores destroyed-never to return
The food scene will be different-not bad just different
And all around we will no longer see what we saw
I’m not sure what it will be but in time we will see

Pray for the hurting and those overwhelmed
Nature can destroy with no conscience or demand
Leaving tangled lives all around
I am still here and praying for our land

Clay Corvin 7/22/07