Archive - 2008


We are celebrating the life of a good man
He walked a tough road
Like many of us he made some bad choices
But what a friend he had in Jesus

Arthur cooked good and was a good cook
He worked hard at walking with God
Obedience to Jesus was uppermost in his mind
A diligent man who loved Jesus and people

When we had problems we went to him
His integrity was important to him
We knew that and could talk with him about anything
Knowing that it would stay with him

Like Jesus Arthur was quick to give grace
He believed in being kind to others
A gentleman in every way
At night he was our community protector

A man of God we loved
A servant to Bethel Colony South
A friend who will be deeply missed
He is with our Father in heaven and one day soon we will see him again

Clay Corvin November 3, 2008


He made all of us a part of his life
One day at a time
Thru joy and strife
Changing our sights to heaven’s gates

We admired his strength
He was a man of God
Listening to God’s voice
And walking in it

Doc cared for people
He appreciated their differences including those who opposed him
He listened to us
Our differences didn’t scare him-he still respected us

Life was a special joy
He lived it fast and hard
Never fearing twelve hour work days
Or twelve hour drives

There wasn’t anything soft about him
Except his heart
He guided losers to the winner’s circle
He wanted everyone to hear about Jesus

Not enough words to explain him
He loved his wife and children and us
Life with Doc was first class
He was Jesus ambassador on earth

Clay Corvin –September 29, 2008-Wichita Falls, TX


We celebrate a joyous life
Mourning our loss
One man has made an impact
Our loss is his gain

A long life of value and worth
He cared for us-loved us
With courage when courage wasn’t cool
Hearing our hurts and pains
Living with a discipline that encouraged us
He knew each of us by name
Landrum walked to God’s song-Jesus

Family always counted
Wife, children, grandchildren, kin and friends
When you were with him
You were somebody and you knew you could win

A man with no guile
His vision was far-reaching and transparent
Tough with a heart of gold
Beulah land his goal-now he is there

He was our preacher, teacher, leader and friend
Strong guts, no quit
He hated dirt, debt and the devil
One man-Landrum Leavell II
We love him

Clay Corvin September 28, 2008-Wichita Falls, TX


Hi as people come and go
Wearing a coat of pain
Never seeing others needs
A mind that walks alone

How are you?
Just a nicety
People are really rushed
Listening may bring hurt

Oh no!
When the physician talks
People are seldom ready
The reality of life and death

Thank you isn’t heard that much
Graciousness doesn’t abound
Also fear and anger
Prowl the hallways of the down

A cry is an emotion heard
Often-in doorways and halls
A reaction to good or bad news
No one is immune

Words unsaid or
Wished we had said
Are things most thought
A waiting room is the wrong place for regrets

Clay Corvin 9/12/08


It helps to be reminded
Of God’s promises
He keeps His promises
Israel wandered 40 years

Ten spies said no
Only two said yes
The majority didn’t know
The Call of God-the wilderness became their tomb

Forty years until they died
Even Moses was set aside
And then God moved
Joshua brought them home

A gift from God
Their newfound land
Israel declared their own
This land was now God’s home

We take God’s gift-New Life in Christ
Heaven is our home, yet on this earth we roam
Until that day He calls our name
And then we will be home

Clay Corvin- August 16, 2008


A summer of promise
Delight ahead
Hurricane fear ever near
We had so much to do

Loved ones exited
New places to live
We’re still here
New Orleans has become dear

The time sped
Joy enjoyed, film, food, fun
The end of summer nears
A new school year dawns

We have much to do
Little time to do it
Even though we’ve been here before
This school year is brand new



A warrior for Jesus
Courageous and Christlike
Confident in service
Gentle and strong

Loving parent
Faithful husband
Loyal to his family
Beloved of God

Completes what he starts
Helpful to all
Wise in his actions
Gets things done

Obedient in service
Genuine and real
Cares for people
Dedicated to Christ

A visionary leader
Skilled and ingenious
Capable and quick
Jesus guides his goals

Clay Corvin 7/23/08


Dedicated partner
At home and at work
Skilled and able
She gets things done

Loving mother and wife
Her life a good example
She is organized and tireless
Striving to be like Christ

Intuitive and quick
Genuine and real
Accomplishes her goals
Continually equipped

Excellent achiever
Peaceful at heart
A woman of character
She has Christ in her heart

Clay Corvin 7/23/08


A strong and Godly man
Living courageously
Equipped and serving quietly
Faithful to Christ each day

A family man
Joy in his heart
Loving wife and children
His life one to imitate

Tommy is a willing servant of the Lord High God
His actions guided and shaped by Christ
A gentle statesman
Wise in living his life for Christ

A friend
A pastor
Untiring mentor
Consistently Christ like

A lifetime student of Jesus
Sharing the Word each day
Working hard to be like Jesus
Caring for all on life’s way

Clay Corvin 5/12/08


A man who loved serving the Lord
Genuine and gentle
An eye for truth
A man of God

Peaceful and passionate
Precious husband and beloved parent
Family important to Jim
His church was key in his life

A photographer with a sharp lens
He enjoyed traveling with Rose
Active and vigorous in the pursuit of life
Jim was always interested in how things worked

Jim, you’ve made a mark on our hearts
A wonderful friend
A patient servant
You will be missed

Clay Corvin April 2, 2008