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Lord, You are the One Who shows me who I am
Lord, You are the One Who led me to the Lamb
Lord, You are the One Who turns my night to Day
Lord, You are the Truth, the Light, the Way!

When I was a baby, I screamed at my first thirst
I wanted what I wanted and Selfishness at Worst
I grew up thinking I was god; the sun rose at my beck
But light revealed the darkness; my life was now a wreck

I didn’t see the Truth; I lived in satan’s lie
He told me food that filled me was something I must buy
He warned that others stood to take the things that should be mine
So wars were staged, and people hurt that I could feel just fine

The years bore down and broke the crown I’d placed upon my head
I’d drank his wine and ate his bread, but still I felt unfed
I fainted from the weakness of the place to which he’s led
Sinfulness had brought me here and I lived among the dead

In the middle of this tragedy I hear a soft Voice say,
“You’re lost and doomed without Me, this is no place to stay.”
I knew the Voice had spoken true and I must flee with haste
All I held had melted fast; my life was a disgrace

My soul cried out, “Please take my hand!” I felt His presence strong
He said, “Don’t fear. Just follow Me. I’ve been here all along.”
“I know My sheep. They hear My voice.” And then I knew His name!
Jesus led to pastures green! I’ve never been the same!

Lord, You are the One Who shows me who I am
Lord. You are the One Who led me to the Lamb
Lord. You are the One Who turns my night to Day
Lord, You are the Truth, the Light, the Way!

He taught me how see His world through His different eyes
He touched my ears and let me hear the hell in satan’s lies
He fed me food that had no cost, and wine He called His blood
His words had washed my guilt away, like a cleansing flood.

I learned to die that I might live, and give that I might gain
I found that Lamb become a Lion that ever more will reign!
I found that now is not the care; and I am not the star
I am my Brother’s Keeper now; Eternity’s not far!



Moses recorded their starting places according to their journeys by the command of the Lord… Numbers 33:2


This is the place to speak your heart
As you stand on the Galilee shore
Jesus walked all over this place
He’s walked your path before

What is it that He wants you to do?
That no one else can do
You’ve known awhile and yet you drag
Maybe it’s time for you to do

Speak to Him from the depths of your soul
Give Him all of your fear
Tell Him the things that are stopping you
He will give His strength to you

Now’s the time, this is the place
Make your covenant anew
Before you leave be sure to write
That thing He wants you to do

Clay Corvin 3/21/08


We traveled quickly from Ben Gurion to Mashabei Sade
Our bodies haven’t caught up to our distance of 8,000 miles
Hearts and minds are focused on the morning
Our touring will begin and we will see Israel

It is very different from our home, an understatement
We have deep spiritual ties to this place, this land called Israel
Stop one will be Beersheva, the Well of Oath
Our learning begins here at an event 3,500 years ago

An oath created security for Abraham and his people
His oath assured them of a home and a place to belong
Abraham’s oath enabled them to have community
This place they lived was their own

We gave an oath to Christ -He gave us new life
The Lord is in our life-the Holy Spirit leads us
We live our life by our oath, Jesus I belong to You
Our eternity began then; our new life in Christ

Our tour begins it is a journey of discovery
We will be surprised by some of what we see
The Lord will speak to us somewhere along the way
I will pray with you as you walk the “Land of the Bible”

Clay Corvin andMarch 20, 2008


She is missed so much
Her gentle ways
Her human touch

Faithful and kind pure of mind
A hard working servant of the divine
She is missed so much

A loving mother of two beautiful girls
She loved her husband
Mary is missed so much

A saint of Christ gifted in life
She went too soon for us
Loving Christ, she went without a fuss

Clay Corvin 3/10/08


A gifted servant of Christ
Loyal to God and man
Faithful in all he did

An intense scholar
Wise in his work
Helpful to all he met

Always learning
Keen in discerning
He made a difference with his life

Gifted as a teacher
A gentle and kind parent
Loving husband to his wife

He will be remembered
As an encourager with great strength
A friend we will deeply miss

Clay Corvin


Quiet servant of Jesus Christ
A partner with his wife
Faithful all his life
To his work and to his church

Energetic churchman
Excellent parent
Brilliant workman
He built a Godly life

His wife and children important to him
He lived as an example
For all to see
He loved his wife, his children and his Lord

Clay Corvin 3/15/08