Archive - August 2008


It helps to be reminded
Of God’s promises
He keeps His promises
Israel wandered 40 years

Ten spies said no
Only two said yes
The majority didn’t know
The Call of God-the wilderness became their tomb

Forty years until they died
Even Moses was set aside
And then God moved
Joshua brought them home

A gift from God
Their newfound land
Israel declared their own
This land was now God’s home

We take God’s gift-New Life in Christ
Heaven is our home, yet on this earth we roam
Until that day He calls our name
And then we will be home

Clay Corvin- August 16, 2008


A summer of promise
Delight ahead
Hurricane fear ever near
We had so much to do

Loved ones exited
New places to live
We’re still here
New Orleans has become dear

The time sped
Joy enjoyed, film, food, fun
The end of summer nears
A new school year dawns

We have much to do
Little time to do it
Even though we’ve been here before
This school year is brand new