Archive - January 2009

En Route to Israel-a pilgrimage from NOBTS

Sunshine, excitement, a journey to Israel begins
New ones filled with excitement, old ones looking to connect with God
Our journey to Jerusalem, has many different roads
All led by Jesus, each one has their goals

Safety is a concern, we will be careful and trust the Lord
Families at home are anxious, Lord comfort their heart
The land of Israel beckons, our history buried there
It is the place our Savior, walked the land for us

The Cross holds our focus, what will we see?
Those who have seen the land, experience new emotions each time
So many surprises ahead, even the air smells different
We will walk where Moses walked, the Pentateuch will come alive

Israelis died on Masada, instead of surrendering to Romans
That rock gives life today, never again Israelis say
The Dead Sea smells of sulfur, the Jordan not deep
The ride up the Rift Valley, an experience to see

Galilee shines in reflection from its sea, we will stand on its banks
Talking about Jesus and the disciples, hearing what they had to say
Yes our emotions will lead us, months to unravel what we see
This wonderful journey, will change the way we read God’s Word

Clay Corvin Dec 31, 2008 Atlanta Airport Enroute to Israel