Archive - March 2009


A man with open arms
He genuinely loved people
They were important to him
He was important to them

John had a way about him
It made him bigger than big
His values were admired
He lived them every day of his life

His accomplishments were huge
Everything he did he did as unto Christ
He loved his wife all of his life
His children were a part of his heart

Obstacles were seen as opportunities
His optimism was always contagious
He inspired people to be excellent
He was admired and loved

Thank you Lord for letting us have John Wallace
He represented you well
He was special and he made others special
His life was lived for You

Clay Corvin


Max loved life
His wife and children were his jewels
The Lord Jesus his master
Every day was a gift

Energetic and caring
His work and service key
He lived for Jesus
His church the center of his life

Max was a hard worker
Who knew the value of things
He kept them in perspective
He was generous with his life

His wife and family were precious
He loved them with all of his heart
The joys and memories he invested
Live on, with him in their heart

Clay Corvin


Gordon was focused, confident and aggressive for right
Demanded the best from himself
He knew where he was going
He didn’t waste time getting there

A tireless worker
Long hours many days
Never forgot his family
They were first place for him

Fiercely committed to the things of God
Loved the Lord Jesus Christ
Faithful to his church
A friend to his pastors

Gordon never forgot his community
He cared for the people there
He loved his wife these forty years
He lived his life for Christ

Clay Corvin