Archive - June 2010


Life is frail as a moonlit night
Moving, shaking, changed and light
Wishing never changes things
Actions taken that’s the thing

We can be so brilliant
Yet in a moments time forget that life is frail
We do this or that feeling eternal
Our actions bring us down while we look the other way

Why can’t we connect our hands and feet
More closely to our mind
Demanding standards be met
Without the blink of an eye, this is where we stand

Many a man of stronger cloth than I
Have been mowed down in the blink of an eye
By actions that destroy all good
They didn’t even realize the finality of their act

No more their intellect
The act takes a life of its own
Try as they might it cannot be rescinded
They live that life of death until that day they sleep and no more

Clay Corvin


Oh what a sinner I had been
I lived each day for me
I based my life on things that would die
It was all about me, my selfish pride
I wanted, I got and I did
My life was lived for me

Jesus came looking for me
He searched because He loved me
He knew I was dead in my sin
Yet even then He came looking for me
He said come to me all who are heavy laden
I took my sin and gave to Him and He gave me a new heart

My life was changed
God called my name
I was free in Jesus
I was new in Christ
His will my life
I serve because I am free

Now He belongs to me
I know the truth,
I live in the light
Jesus is precious to me
My goal is to honor and glorify the Son
Eternal life has begun

Clay Corvin 6/5/10