Archive - October 2010


Chaos rumbles beneath each life
Trials tremble each soul
Knowing tomorrow may be filled with strife
Lives of quiet desperation squeak

Jesus comes calling on poor desperate souls
Forgiveness and wholeness His gift
Tasting the presence and fullness of God
Peace and joy bless their days

Desperate for growth
Becoming right now
Seeking for shortcuts
Joy and peace are their goal

They discover quite by surprise
Their heart has turned cold
Chaos and trials are grabbing their souls
Tomorrow takes on a fearsome look

What did we do?
How can we get back to joy and peace?
When we had chaos on a leash?
We want those first days with Jesus back

Let Jesus have your focus
Strive to be His best friend
Spending time in fellowship
Knowing Him more and more

Jesus brings value to living
He blesses us with joy and peace
His presence gives us wholeness
Jesus Christ makes us complete

Jesus saves us from separation from God
Jesus unites us with God
Jesus is God’s everything
Jesus brings joy to life

Clay Corvin


Peace peace, there is not peace
While sin controls a heart
Dead and cold with life on hold
Sin destroys, denies and controls

Desperate for an end to chaos
We seek some kind of relief
Seldom a day of joy and hope
For those who deny Christ’s plea

Come to me Jesus says
He will give us a new heart
A cleansed soul
And PEACE like a river flowing from the heart of God

In Christ we have peace
No longer at war with God, He is our Father
We are His children and the focus of His love
We are one in the bond of love

Jesus paid the price for our peace
Jesus broke thru the destruction of sin
His act destroyed our separation from the Father
Uniting us in Christ with God

Peace is now our possession
Christ has given it to us for eternity
Claim His precious gift right now and each day
Know that the Lord is good and He gives us His peace

Clay Corvin October 16, 2010


Lying, cheating, hurting and cruel
Never calming and overrun with fear
No courage, no safety for those we claim dear
Just another day of chaos and death
One day like another always without rest
This is the world at its best

I choose what I believe
My beliefs determine my behavior
Be careful how you think
Your life is shaped by your thoughts
Our thoughts can destroy us
It’s important that we know the truth

The world doesn’t have the truth
It has many ideas and beliefs
Formed by those who didn’t know the truth
Often saying they were simply trying to get by
This seemed like a good idea so they believed it
This is the world at its best

God is the only source of truth
He will be true even when the world is false
Our world is passing away
God is here to stay
Day by day we move closer to Him
Are we getting to know the One who is truth?

Mankind makes bad choices
When we come to Jesus we have made a good choice
He is truth and He will give us the truth
In Jesus we have eternal life and in Him we serve
Coming to Christ gives us peace with God
We are His children and He is our Father

Choose carefully what you believe
Read the Word and ask the Lord for wisdom
Day by day you will grow in knowledge
His Word will strengthen your soul and your life
A relationship with Jesus will transform you
Into the person you knew in your heart you could be

Clay Corvin October 9, 2010


Giants seek to rob us
Abuse us
Misuse us
Pushing us off the path of life
All of us face giants
Those things we fail on every day

Giants want to intimidate us
God says they can help us grow
They let us see Christ at work
They stretch our faith
Will we stand or run away?
Jesus will save us this day

Our battle belongs to the Lord
He will face our giants
They will run away
We can live this day
Knowing Christ is here
He will not desert us

Slaying giants is normal
It is part of our Christ–like walk
Jesus equips us to live life one day at a time
He heals our hearts
He steels our soul
The victory belongs to the Lord

Praise the Lord
He made us and gave us His strength
Peace and grace fill us
Our role is to trust and obey
His role is to deal with the giants coming our way
Joy in the Lord for He continually makes us whole

Clay Corvin October 2, 2010