Archive - December 2010


What would you be willing to do
To find the answer
The why, how, what, when and who
For a life worth living-that’s you

I would go anywhere, pay any price
Life is a fragile thing and is worth any cost
To get it right, to be whole and complete
To know I was on the right track, that I had value and worth

Amazingly Jesus is searching for you
He is the ONE that has made the first move
Jesus came in human form, lived just like us
Knowing the pain He would feel, He died for me and you

His death paid the price of our sin
He and the Father gave us the win
We can know the why how what when and who
Christ the Lord gives value to you

We are looking for a solution for the chaos in our life
Calm the fear of no meaning or losing or worthlessness
Christ is Lord of all and of us and He offers a solution
Ask Him into your life, confess your sin, live by His advice

Life will change day by day, Jesus will guide you, by His life and light
He will protect you even from yourself
One day, the most important day of your life
You will step into His presence, face to face for eternity

Clay Corvin December 25, 2010

COMING OF JOY (Lk 2:10-11)

The world is a fearful place
Things changing-no champion
People have no recourse for their life
All were ground down- stepping-stones to hell

Darkness covered the fields around Bethlehem
Shepherds were watching their flocks
A bright light, an angel, Fear NOT
The Shepherds were terrified

The angel announced
A Savior has been born in Bethlehem
He will deliver you from fear
His presence will bring peace and joy

We all struggle with brokenness
Our REDEEMER has come
Jesus will fix what is broken in our life
HE has come the victory is won

Regularly that cold hand of fear strikes at us
Jesus can deal with our fear
He brings strength and peace to our heart
His joy is available for our life

Claim your peace and joy
Live His power each day
Ask Jesus to come and give you life
Your life will be better each day

Clay Corvin December 11, 2010


I experience a certain amount of sadness at the end of a trip. Friday would be a very fast paced day but then every day so far had been that way. We had lots to do to get ready to go. The luggage had to be down front at 9:30am for the guys to pick up and load on the bus. Several folks were trying to get final gifts and things done in the Old City. Several of us walked up to Jaffa Gate for a final coffee at Aroma. It had been our nightly rendezvous place for coffee and conversation. We would all meet at Jaffa Gate at 10am and off we would go. Everything went smoothly and all were accounted for timely.

Yad Vashem the Holocaust Museum was our first stop. This is a very sad stop and it breaks my heart every time. Man’s inhumanity to man is hard to comprehend. This level of evil is stunning.

We had lunch at the Israel Museum and then visited the Shrine of the Book and the Jerusalem model on the run. They closed at 2pm and we were hustling to get through.

The Garden Tomb was next. This is one of my favorite places in Jerusalem. The group took the tour and then we had a worship service. The Garden Tomb area is beautiful and is the perfect place to spend a few moments in worship. The tomb was empty and our hearts were blessed.

Elah Valley and the location where David and Goliath fought took us about 30 minutes to get there. Most collected a few stones. I’m amazed the place has any stones left. It was a good walk down the riverbed. Gilla plotted out the location of the Philistines, Israel and the activity. It’s a great story and the location is authentic.

Barry one of our pilgrims commented that “he had read the Bible all his life in black and white and now he would always read it in living color.” A journey through Israel brings the pages of the Bible to life. It is encouraging to take God’s Word and touch item after item as it is detailed in Scripture. A person will never be the same after they travel the land of the Bible.

We had a great dinner at Abu Nassar in Jaffa and then on to Ben Gurion Airport for our return to the US. In about 18 hours or so we would be home.