Archive - March 2011


A kind, gentle man
Concerned about the lost
Caring for friends no matter the cost
Wise and humble his spirit sweet
John Henderson lived as Christ directed

His heart sought the Lord at every opportunity
The Psalms his refuge in a storm
John listened well
Quiet and direct, when John spoke people listened
Friends sought him out

John and Alice were partners
They forged a good life
Focused on each other and the church
Serving in the community
People counted with John and they knew it

Hard worker
Persistent in his faith
John did the important things
The things that helped people
The things that put Christ first

Clay Corvin
March 9, 2011


John held center stage when he walked into a room
Bright and warm hearted he was a friend to all
John was an encourager he cared about others
He enjoyed farming and loved the outdoors
John knew what it took to make a farm work

His family was the center of his life
John loved Martha Ann with all of his heart
Together they enjoyed and rejoiced in John Wesley
The Lord was John’s foundation
He followed Jesus all of his life

Liberty Baptist Church and the Church family
Were John’s extended family-he prayed for each person
John served Amite, Wilkinson, Pike, Walthall, Adams and Jefferson
He gave these folks the best he had
He was committed to the people of Mississippi

Always cheerful and welcoming
Never looking at the negative side of life
John lived for Jesus
He sacrificed his time and energy
Living each day to honor and glorify the Christ

Clay Corvin
March 9, 2011


Harold was the kind of person who built community
He was involved, behind the scenes, a solid citizen
It was his lifestyle to care about others
He sought no recognition for himself
Arriving home with the Lord he was greatly honored

Harold was a teacher
A family leader who loved his children
Doted on the grandchildren-they were extra special
Committed to the Lord Jesus Christ
His actions everyday demonstrated this

He was a persistent communicator of kindness
Equipped to serve and serving consistently in his community
His witness strong because of the way he cared for others
A life lived with a sense of God’s love and care for mankind
Harold was a friend, an encourager, a servant

Harold knew the importance of theological education for pastors
He cared about New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
He invested in the lives of future generations
His life was an open book, his heart deep and strong for Christ
An humble man Harold is now with His Lord and Savior Jesus

Clay Corvin
March 8, 2011


Fearless and faithful wife of Bill Hamm
Who was waiting for her with Christ
A capable and loving mother
She never ever accepted “that’s how things are”
Her focus was to “make things the way they should be”

Her heart was in her Christ like life
Energetic, hard working, determined
She accomplished much
Her focus: Christ, church, family, friends
Sybil was excited about life

Adventurous, wise and discerning
Very little slipped past her
Always alert to help, to encourage
Sybil was an unusually good listener
Now she is waiting and listening for us with Jesus

We cannot disguise our heartache
Her absence leaves us missing
We treasure her memory
We celebrate a friend, a mother
What a great time she had living for Jesus

Clay Corvin
March 4, 2011



We can rejoice in Vanita Wood’s life
It was well lived
Youthful to the end
By a determined follower of the Lord Jesus Christ

She was competent and capable
Loyal to family, friends and her Lord
Quick to help
Slow to criticize

Vanita Wood was gifted with great insight
People never fooled her
She understood what she was doing
Always focused on what the Lord would have her do

Her family was central to her existence
She was loving and kind
Wise and merciful
A foundation stone that touched them all

Vanita Wood was never distant
Even in her quietness she communicated
People were important to her
Life was for living in Christ

Every day was another day to care
Generous, peaceful and unchanging
One day we will see her again
Until that time we will not forget her love

Clay Corvin
February 19, 2011