Archive - November 2011


Lord I want to lead a worthwhile life
Help me on my journey
Evaluating, measuring, gauging
How do I know what is good?

Time moves so fast
Things seem to be it
Accumulating, amassing, owning
Do the most toys win?

Satisfaction always a step ahead
What delights fades with each days light
Night terrors, what ifs, despair
Help give me courage to see YOU

People count
The Word describes your interaction with mankind
Jesus died for us
Every thought you have towards me is a thought for good

Your Word encourages me
Your strength lifts me
Your love leads my way
Thank you Lord today

Relationship is the key
Abundance comes out of our friendship
Interaction, commitment, service
Putting others first changes me

Meeting needs
Dying to self
Submitting my life unto you
Equips me to live in abundance

Jesus is Lord
He calls me to the least
People need help
Lord use me

Clay Corvin November 5, 11