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Bill Bryan is a friend indeed
Concerned for others
Attentive to their needs, always going the second mile
He is fair, decent, humble and caring

Bill seeks the best good of his clients
In an era that doesn’t care
Where the individual takes second place, to the needs of the travel industry
Bill is fair, decent, humble and caring

His work ethic is gargantuan
He lives to serve
Always working harder than required, servicing clients agendas
Bill is kind, open, caring and patient

He loves Jesus
He loves his church
He loves his children above all else,
Bill is capable, responsible, feeling and gentle

I’m praying for Bill’s complete recovery
His medical struggles significant
That the Lord would return Bill to service
Encouraged, renewed, joyous and healthy

Clay Corvin 11/10/12


I trust in the Lord, He is for me
This world is insecure everything is passing away
Life flees; no one is safe except those who trust in the Lord

My life belongs to the Lord, He is alive, and Jesus saves me
I can trust Him; He cares for me, Jesus watches over me
He guides me in the places I should go His love surrounds me

All the days of my life I will experience trouble Jesus is with me
He talks with me, Jesus feels my pain, and He knows my name
Every step I take, Jesus the Lord is protecting me

I am secure in Christ even when I am beat with the rod
Jesus is with me, the pain of life is for a moment, and Jesus gives me peace
I will be with the Lord forever and He will never let me go

The ungodly surround me, I tell them about Jesus, and some hear, most don’t
The end of the wicked is destruction; they are at war with God
The end of the righteous is life in Christ; He paid the price for my life

Remember me Lord, Jesus will not forget
Life will try to upset us, it will but the Lord stands with us
Jesus is Lord, He gives us life and peace and we will be with the Lord forever

Clay Corvin November 3, 2012


Lord you know me, the ins and outs of me
I fail and blame others but the act was mine
I need your mercy Father I look up to you and cry out for mercy
We have walked many miles together I know you are there

I believe that every thought you have for me is good, my thoughts are often not good
When I think about how wonderful and amazing you are, Holy and lifted up
All knowing, all seeing, majestic, loving Father, Holy Spirit, Son of God
You know me and You know what I need and when I need it

The ungodly do not believe in You they do not see the edge of eternity we walk on
The choice is ours, believe in You or Our self Lord I believe in You
However long I need to wait I will wait, I know you hear and will act
The Lord is gracious and patient, I will be patient, trusting the Lord will give me mercy

Every day we need mercy, kindness in the world is in short supply
The Lord is overflowing with forgiveness for us; He has abundant mercy to meet our need
We will patiently consider our blessings, letting gratitude be our attitude
Joy is our watchword, Jesus brings joy to us and pours it into us

We see you Lord, Your promises are with us, thank you for working in our life
We focus our life upon You, obedience and hope in You
The world is never going our way, we claim your mercy Lord, come help us
We will stay right here before you until you fix us, help me Jesus I need you

Today I’ve had it up to here, we all have days where the last straw breaks
Jesus I need Your mercy, Your healing, your strength
I trust Your love for me, I will expect Your mercy Lord
God’s mercy is accompanying me, Jesus is alive, He lives in me

Clay Corvin October 6, 2012


A vision from God for David to see
Temple worship of God by His people
Solomon built the Temple, God’s love bubbled over
Jerusalem was the place to be, God’s joy to see

An excitement that didn’t fade, joy in anticipation
Joy in the journey, joy in the activity
Go to God, so you can see
The Lord is at work in you and me

Things are not always what we see, the Lord sees our heart
In His presence there is joy, joy for us
We receive it and carry it and share it
Bowing our head in adoration, praise God our source of joy

Praise the Lord who sent His Son Jesus
Christ died and paid the price for my sin
I struggle still with sin in me, but Jesus has cleansed my heart
Joy is in me, Christ has forgiven me, and Jesus has a hold on me

Pray for our church, pray for our people, pray for His work
There are souls to be saved, people to be loved
The Lord is calling you and me, Come I have work to do
Jesus will not lose you, Jesus gives us peace

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the world is aflame
The Lord is here with us, praise His name
His joy for you straight from His heart
The Lord is here with us, praise His name

Clay Corvin 9/29/12


Mankind seeks to find a way to live and do whatever he wants
Stuffing down the anxiety of the future
Overwhelmed by the failures of the past, claiming they will last
Tiptoeing by the graveyard, death is ever present, evil dogs our path
Crooning Hell’s motto, “I did it my way.”

Society soaked in drugs anesthetizing life’s pain
At the peak of success imploding
Do these idiots in the news really believe the stuff they say?
I need help, I need help to live, I need help
Jesus enters in; “Come follow me and I will walk life’s way with you”

My resources are so limited Lord, but YOU are unlimited
I have a hard time remembering an appointment, YOU forget nothing
Self-sufficiency and autonomy are a myth
A common cold can bring us to our knees
A little blood clot can kill us-forever- I need help

What I say, what I do, teach me Lord
Every time things turn on me, I raise my gaze to YOU
My help comes from Jesus, He is Lord of everything including me
All my troubles are in His hands and He will walk with me
Jesus offers me wisdom, mercy, grace and strength

The Lord never breaks a promise
He knows everything past, present and future and He knows all about me
Jesus loves me, not what I can do or what I have, Jesus loves me
His wondrous presence has to be toned down so that I can spend time with Him
I am so limited and foolish, Lord hear my plea, HELP me, I need help

Jesus will not permit my foot to slip
As I pray He prays with me providing that very thing I’m not asking for but need
The Lord leads me every day of my life in His glorious way
No sin, no attack, no evil can take me away from Jesus
Praise the Lord, His help is just what I need.

Clay Corvin September 22, 2012


Pastor, servant
Teacher, leader
Husband, father
A man of God

He loves his wife
She is by his side
Loves his children
Cares for people

Jesus is his guide
His faith proven by a lifetime of actions
He loves Jesus
NOBTS is blessed by his service

Dan is a focused academician
Always courteous and gentle
His Humility is pervasive
He lives what he teaches

Classic courses
Students seek him out
He cares that they learn and survive
Glorifying Jesus in his life and work

Clay Corvin, Dec. 25, 2011


Be constant, persevere, look to Jesus to live your life
Death comes quickly, life happens now
Choose what you will do, choose well for the Lord sees you
He is willing to walk with you, Jesus will never leave you

Be who you are, not what you think others want
Follow Jesus, know Him
Seek God’s way, acknowledge Him
All honor, glory and praise to the Lord, He is Lord of life

Set aside the sin that so easily entangles you
Spend your time with Jesus, His presence brings peace
His Word gives wisdom, surrender yourself to Christ
Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of all, do the next right thing

When Jesus is all you have, Jesus will be all you want
He loves you, He seeks your best good
Whatever you face, obstacles all around, surrender to Jesus
Christ will take you by your hand and lead you along

Your life is important to Christ, He created you for a purpose
Let Him guide you, life will not confuse you
Jesus is everything we need
Keep the SON in your eyes

Clay Corvin 8/18/12


Be who you are, never who you aren’t
Face life with confidence, Jesus loves you
Open up your heart, love the Lord, He will never leave you

Suffering is our fate, daily, weekly, life long
Remember Christ in you is your only hope for glory
Jesus will see you through, He lives in you

Remember who you are, don’t let difficulties fool you
You are a child of the King, this life is preparing you
To spend eternity with Jesus, seeing Him face to face

Stop sinning, constantly be on guard
So many would tear you down, don’t accept their frown
Sin is always a choice, you belong to God, do the next right thing

Jesus is the way the truth and the life
Money isn’t your master
The Lord will lead you, bend your knee to Jesus and He will see you through

Clay Corvin 8/18/12


Courageous, loving and brave
She faced trails few face
Carla never wavered
She set her face for Christ and held fast

Difficulty was her day
Loyalty was her way
She loved her Mom and Dad
Her son was her delight

Carla never held grudges
Didn’t let the world defeat her
She was open, and gentle
A listener grateful for each day

Pain was her constant companion
The SON in her eyes
Carla was reserved and gutsy
A valiant, faithful child of the Lord Jesus Christ

Clay Corvin, April 17, 2012


Thirty-six years ago
Our friendship born
Amidst the struggle of academia
And the pain of financial hardship

Seminary is like that
It is the best of times
And the worst of times
Jim Dukes was part of the best

A few things characterize him
He adored his wife Retia, His two boys, Erik and Jason are his pride and joy
He is a loving grandfather with twelve grandchildren
Jesus guides his daily steps

He always responds to life differently than me
People count with Jim
He is kind and compassionate
People are changed by his friendship

He is the smartest person I know
He hides that the best he can
But when you are struggling and over your head
Jim will be beside you to see it through

As a pastor he is tireless
His preaching is deeply rooted in Jesus
Hearts are touched and lives are saved
By the Holy Spirit working thru him

Jim is a 24/7 Christian
With all of his intellect
He simply trusts Jesus
Following Christ day by day

A hard worker
Reverent and visionary
Quick to see need
Equally as quiet about meeting need

Jim never toots his own horn or runs folks down
A trusting servant
Who has an air of compassion
He helps people

He is one of a kind
A patient, worshipful soldier of Christ
Still laying down his life one day at a time
Jesus is his Lord; Jim is a man of God’s Word

Clay Corvin, April 3, 2012