Archive - March 2012

Marie Mitchell McPherson

Wise, capable and strong
Always seeking to follow the Lord
A servant with a gift for getting the job done
Gentle, determined, a winner

Marie loved her husband
A caring mother
A friend that was always welcome
She brought an aroma of Christ

A hard working servant of the Lord
Focused, transparent, willing
She was sensitive to others feelings
Marie liked for folks to be at home

Marie lived a worthy life
She made a difference
She will be missed
We are grateful she came our way

Clay Corvin March 6, 2012

George E. Estes, Jr.

A man of his word, eloquent, direct and kind
A listener who had something to say when he spoke
George was committed to his community
He loved his church

Faithful deacon
Cared for his pastors
Helped others
Jesus was the pattern for his life

A loving, caring parent
Faithful husband
A family man who cared deeply for his grandchildren
He enjoyed being with people

Devoted and loyal to his work
Skilled in woodworking
An avid fisherman
A hard worker who always made time for the Lord

George made his mark on his world
He was a genuine contributor
He is held in high regard
His home going left us hurting
He is missed

Clay Corvin March 6, 2012