Archive - April 2012


Courageous, loving and brave
She faced trails few face
Carla never wavered
She set her face for Christ and held fast

Difficulty was her day
Loyalty was her way
She loved her Mom and Dad
Her son was her delight

Carla never held grudges
Didn’t let the world defeat her
She was open, and gentle
A listener grateful for each day

Pain was her constant companion
The SON in her eyes
Carla was reserved and gutsy
A valiant, faithful child of the Lord Jesus Christ

Clay Corvin, April 17, 2012


Thirty-six years ago
Our friendship born
Amidst the struggle of academia
And the pain of financial hardship

Seminary is like that
It is the best of times
And the worst of times
Jim Dukes was part of the best

A few things characterize him
He adored his wife Retia, His two boys, Erik and Jason are his pride and joy
He is a loving grandfather with twelve grandchildren
Jesus guides his daily steps

He always responds to life differently than me
People count with Jim
He is kind and compassionate
People are changed by his friendship

He is the smartest person I know
He hides that the best he can
But when you are struggling and over your head
Jim will be beside you to see it through

As a pastor he is tireless
His preaching is deeply rooted in Jesus
Hearts are touched and lives are saved
By the Holy Spirit working thru him

Jim is a 24/7 Christian
With all of his intellect
He simply trusts Jesus
Following Christ day by day

A hard worker
Reverent and visionary
Quick to see need
Equally as quiet about meeting need

Jim never toots his own horn or runs folks down
A trusting servant
Who has an air of compassion
He helps people

He is one of a kind
A patient, worshipful soldier of Christ
Still laying down his life one day at a time
Jesus is his Lord; Jim is a man of God’s Word

Clay Corvin, April 3, 2012