Archive - August 2012


Pastor, servant
Teacher, leader
Husband, father
A man of God

He loves his wife
She is by his side
Loves his children
Cares for people

Jesus is his guide
His faith proven by a lifetime of actions
He loves Jesus
NOBTS is blessed by his service

Dan is a focused academician
Always courteous and gentle
His Humility is pervasive
He lives what he teaches

Classic courses
Students seek him out
He cares that they learn and survive
Glorifying Jesus in his life and work

Clay Corvin, Dec. 25, 2011


Be constant, persevere, look to Jesus to live your life
Death comes quickly, life happens now
Choose what you will do, choose well for the Lord sees you
He is willing to walk with you, Jesus will never leave you

Be who you are, not what you think others want
Follow Jesus, know Him
Seek God’s way, acknowledge Him
All honor, glory and praise to the Lord, He is Lord of life

Set aside the sin that so easily entangles you
Spend your time with Jesus, His presence brings peace
His Word gives wisdom, surrender yourself to Christ
Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of all, do the next right thing

When Jesus is all you have, Jesus will be all you want
He loves you, He seeks your best good
Whatever you face, obstacles all around, surrender to Jesus
Christ will take you by your hand and lead you along

Your life is important to Christ, He created you for a purpose
Let Him guide you, life will not confuse you
Jesus is everything we need
Keep the SON in your eyes

Clay Corvin 8/18/12


Be who you are, never who you aren’t
Face life with confidence, Jesus loves you
Open up your heart, love the Lord, He will never leave you

Suffering is our fate, daily, weekly, life long
Remember Christ in you is your only hope for glory
Jesus will see you through, He lives in you

Remember who you are, don’t let difficulties fool you
You are a child of the King, this life is preparing you
To spend eternity with Jesus, seeing Him face to face

Stop sinning, constantly be on guard
So many would tear you down, don’t accept their frown
Sin is always a choice, you belong to God, do the next right thing

Jesus is the way the truth and the life
Money isn’t your master
The Lord will lead you, bend your knee to Jesus and He will see you through

Clay Corvin 8/18/12