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I was taught to fear as a tiny child, everyone around me lived fearful mean lives
Courage was never talked about, innate sense of foreboding about everything
Luck was a cornerstone, Do you feel lucky? Circumstances dictated that I seldom did
I didn’t have an attitude of gratitude, every situation was a battle with winners and losers

One day I met Jesus, for me Christ defined courage, He took my fear of mankind away
His Word taught me to fear/reverence God, my Father in heaven provided courage for me
That day I begin a walk that feared God, that didn’t fear man, the Lord was my strength
Jesus brought peace, He equipped me to face life one day at a time, His love changed me

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise God our Father, He is the mighty God
He seeks me every moment, The Lord is with me, He leads me, Praise the Lord
Jesus is my bright morning star, He is with me in the darkest night, praise the Lord
Praise God for giving me what I need to live, for taking my fear of the world away

I seek the Lord while He may be found, I seek the Lord night and day, He delivers me
I walk with the Lord, reading His Word, letting His promises and directives fill me up
I talk with the Lord, He is my high tower, I stand with Him, He is my all
I listen to the Lord, He calls me to be obedient, I do the next right thing

The Lord is good and worthy of all of my devotion, I serve Him
A glass of water to the thirsty, a warm coat to the cold, a meal to the starving
Always telling others of what Jesus is doing in me, I serve you
As I serve those around me, I am serving the Lord, partners with the almighty Lord Jesus

Clay Corvin November 2, 2013


Amazing that it’s 45, where did our time go?
Vacations, trials and tribulations
Relegated to far ago

The now has been the best for me
Each now we celebrate
Every day is sweeter to me, I love the way we go

Yes there were huge obstacles
Yes we made mistakes, more me than you
We weathered them with kindness and love and made amends that worked

Oh those troublesome years
Bowed by challenges, embarrassed for a while
The Lord made up for each heartbreak and pain, His love a healing salve

Then there were the sickness years
More now than before
They too have resulted in blessings: God is so good to us

We are still walking
We are still living
Each passing day another living in the now

Thank you for choosing me
I am grateful for everyday of our life
I love you, you are my life as we walk with the Lord

To Carol Corvin on the occasion of our 45th Wedding Anniversary
Clay Corvin September 14, 2013

Choosing God – Isaiah 55

My life is full of choices, what I say trumped by what I do
Eternal consequences steering me, what to do what to do

My heart prods me, I have a need deeper than my soul
Resolution to life’s drama, life and death-pain and desperation

Calmly from my situation, I deny the facts of life
Reap what you sow, unexplained tragedy, today we live tomorrow we die

Yet death is an ever-present event, Oh here we are safe, our actions deny historical truth
I cannot live without God, that prime mover, Jesus Christ

Only God can satisfy my spiritual need, cleansing me, changing me
Jesus Christ is my source, I turn to Him, it makes me a part of His family

I and only I can respond for me, Christ is personal, Jesus is here
I surrender my sovereignty, bending my knee to Jesus

Now is the appointed time to call upon Him, now is when I can become His
It is a decision requiring me to turn from myself to God, I choose HIM

God’s way is better than my way, He made me and He loves me
Jesus came and died for my sin, He lifts me up and brings me into His family

God’s Word will prevail, God’s way is set, man cannot change it
The World claims you can do what you want, destruction is the end of that journey

Jesus Lord and Savior, heal me of my reckless life, forgive me of me sin
Give me life, real life, life like yours, makes me whole.

Clay Corvin August 10, 2013

Triangle. Square. Arrow. -JASON C. DUKES

Father and Son and Spirit in unity and love together.
Love can’t be held in a box.
Love is compelled to give love.

Time. Space. Earth.
Garden. Man. Woman. God.
Love sends beloved to enjoys what’s been made.

Man. Woman. Choice.
Serpent. Tree of life. Tree of more. Woman decides.
Love mercifully sends away selfishness to die.

Covenant. Geography. People.
Multiply. Bless. Tree of more again. Divide.
Love graciously sends then restores.

Legalism. Licentiousness. Emmanuel.
Rome. Jews. Authority. Disturbance.
Love selflessly buries selfishness then rises.

Live for self. Live for God. Live WITH GOD.
Believing. Confessing. Depending. Restored.
Love, as Sent One, now sends beloved.

Listen. Learn. Love.
One Christ. One mission. One church. One another.
Love given together to neighbors and nations.

Groom. Bride. Wedding.
No more evil. No more tears. No more death. Hope no more.
Love welcomes beloved as intended, fully restored.

jason c dukes


You didn’t need, but were compelled.
To share communion, love, and worth.
The Word existing beyond the now
Breathed life in dust, brought heaven to earth.

I think I need more than You gave.
Delight in more. Discontent. Ongoing strife.
The Word made flesh one time You came
Resurrection needed. My untombed life.

I need You. Lord I need You. Every hour I need You.
You’ve blessed me now my Savior. You came to me.

Need forgotten. Accolades.
Pride swells. Favor won.
You were already proud of me
Not my own merit. But Your Son.

I need You. Lord I need You. Every hour I need You.
You’ve blessed me now my Savior. You came to me.

Help me remember. Keep believing.
My independence no longer chase.
So unaware of how much I need You.
More gratefulness for Your grace.

I need You. Lord I need You. Every hour I need You.
You’ve blessed me now my Savior. You came to me.

We need You. Lord we need You. Every hour we need You.
You’ve blessed us now our Savior. You came to us.

jason c dukes


A great husband, Jonann was the center of his life
A great father, Will was the star in his crown
A great student, he worked hard to grow
A great teacher, he loved to teach the Book of Job
A great pastor, taking care of the Father’s children
A great leader, people followed him as he followed the Lord
A great man, people saw his Christ like walk
A great Bible Scholar, his work was studious and fruitful

Rick touched you by his care
Encouraged you by his faith in Jesus
Guided you by his teaching of God’s Word
Strengthened you by his faith
Assured you by his faithfulness

His life was challenging and Jesus always shined through
His wife always by his side, she was his superstar
His son blessed him and was at the heart of his love

Father we loved Rick and we miss his presence
We wanted many more years with him and now he is with You
Help us to remember his teaching about You
His life for You

Rick wanted us to know You better and now he sees You face to face
Jonann and Will and all of us need Your healing
Lord give us strength, hear our tears
Rick we will see you soon
Thank you for teaching us about Jesus, we love you

Clay Corvin, April 5, 2013


Dr. Pastor Father Husband
Bigger than life
Perry loved the Lord
Loved people-Wanted everyone to be in heaven with him and the Lord
Shared Jesus with everyone all the time
Brother Sanders was never off-He was always ready to share Christ

A golfer
A hunter
A fisherman
A man’s man
A gentleman who always cared about children
He came to Louisiana to go to NOBTS and stayed

Served the Lord
Served his church
Served his family
Served his denomination
He built a great church
Dr. Sanders was on-fire for Jesus

Bible preacher
Innovator in Christian work
Wise and kind
Jesus was his shepherd
He never ever quit
Jesus was his number one

Clay Corvin
March 5, 2013


Dr. Calhoun was truly a ten-talent person
Loving husband of Nancy
Devoted father of Kathleen and David
Caring grandfather of four
A life well lived- Milburn loved the Lord

Dr. Calhoun’s life was a blessing to his patients
He was a visionary for readers
He offered wonderful opportunities for writers
He was an innovative publisher, respected and emulated
Undergirding everything he did was his love for his Lord

A Southern gentleman with deep confidence in his Lord
An epicure
A focused and skilled evaluator of writing talent
A healer and a helper
Dr. Calhoun was the Lord’s servant on the Westbank

Always interested in people
He was an extremely interesting person
His love for his Lord was expressed in all he did
He stayed the course
His life lived until the time he went to be with the Lord

A noted Philanthropist
He saw needs and met them
He was a listener – He was a fixer
Jesus was his friend
We will see him in heaven but for now he is deeply missed

Clay Corvin
Mar 5, 2013


Fearful world, chaotic mess, at war with the Prince of Peace
Reaching out destroying me, while it proclaims “hath God said”, evil trailing me
My life is troubled, my heart is sad, will rejoicing ever reach me
“COME, Jesus said, “Follow me”, my burden is light on thee

Jesus proclaimed life for me, Christ died for my sin, His life brings peace
The Lord proclaimed: FEAR GOD AND FOLLOW ME
The world says no, Christians are fools, pie in the sky bye and bye
God’s Word says different, Jesus has the Power, Christ has the Say
He will give life, He will bring real happiness, not one day but TODAY

When we fear God, we obey God, in Christ we find protection and provision
God approves, we rejoice, Coming into the family of God, I have His favor
No more despair, No more fear, HOPE abounds, Peace in me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, no other name we know, He is Lord of me

His blessing on my life, no matter how bad it was, I am changed
A member of His crew, a servant of Christ, I live for Jesus
He lives in me, His life blessing my children, Changing everything for them
I have all things in Christ, I can give Christ to everyone, people need Jesus
His Word is heard and seen in me, Fear disposed, courage now

Believe in Jesus, He will pour out His blessing on you, hope abounds
Everything changed, my walk talks, my life blesses
I’m set free, I proclaim Jesus, setting others free
No longer a nothing, now I am something, a CHILD OF GOD SET FREE

Clay Corvin Saturday March 2, 2013


UNLESS (Psalm 127-Nisi Dominus frustra)

Unless the Lord builds a house it is effort vain
Tomorrow unknown, each day pegged
We come, we see, we die all in the wink of an eternal eye
Why build a house you cannot use, effort wasted, stop, refuse
Without the Lord we are nothing, a dot of sand, forgotten before we are remembered

Unless the Lord protects a city, a watchman’s job is vain
Water comes and drowns the land, fire comes and steals the structures
We cannot stop what we do not know; we cannot see what does not show
Faith in Christ will pave each day; the Lord’s protection has eternal sway
Unless the Lord is in it we are wasting time, His protection is required

Unless the Lord directs our path, our journey is lost from the beginning
Our faith changes what we see; His love makes life be
More than marking time; each one of us are valuable
It’s not our job or our wealth that speaks our worth; Christ in us changes us
The Lord brings peace to chaos, life to death and worth to our life

Unless the Lord builds the family, the value of children is never seen
The world sees another mouth to feed, hard days of labor and no pretty please
The Lord rewards us with children they are our future; raising them our inheritance
Letting us do God work; teaching them in faith and practice to become like Jesus
The Lord is at work in His children; we are at work becoming what God created us to be

Jesus is real life; He came from the Father to pay our price
His offer a gift: membership in God’s family, eternal life by faith in Christ
Jesus walks through life with us; it is a hard road to walk; dangers all around
Jesus knows our sorrows, they are many, He gives us wisdom, mercy and grace
Today is His day, Jesus lives in me, Unless Jesus is in me all is lost

Clay Corvin February 23, 2013