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UNLESS (Psalm 127-Nisi Dominus frustra)

Unless the Lord builds a house it is effort vain
Tomorrow unknown, each day pegged
We come, we see, we die all in the wink of an eternal eye
Why build a house you cannot use, effort wasted, stop, refuse
Without the Lord we are nothing, a dot of sand, forgotten before we are remembered

Unless the Lord protects a city, a watchman’s job is vain
Water comes and drowns the land, fire comes and steals the structures
We cannot stop what we do not know; we cannot see what does not show
Faith in Christ will pave each day; the Lord’s protection has eternal sway
Unless the Lord is in it we are wasting time, His protection is required

Unless the Lord directs our path, our journey is lost from the beginning
Our faith changes what we see; His love makes life be
More than marking time; each one of us are valuable
It’s not our job or our wealth that speaks our worth; Christ in us changes us
The Lord brings peace to chaos, life to death and worth to our life

Unless the Lord builds the family, the value of children is never seen
The world sees another mouth to feed, hard days of labor and no pretty please
The Lord rewards us with children they are our future; raising them our inheritance
Letting us do God work; teaching them in faith and practice to become like Jesus
The Lord is at work in His children; we are at work becoming what God created us to be

Jesus is real life; He came from the Father to pay our price
His offer a gift: membership in God’s family, eternal life by faith in Christ
Jesus walks through life with us; it is a hard road to walk; dangers all around
Jesus knows our sorrows, they are many, He gives us wisdom, mercy and grace
Today is His day, Jesus lives in me, Unless Jesus is in me all is lost

Clay Corvin February 23, 2013


God is always right, many bridle at His sight, HOW-WHY-WHO
Can God, quips the lost, I want to do it my way
The essence of sin, our will to win, we’re in a little place in the universe
World says it’s my, it’s mine, I want that
The Lord says it’s all about Jesus, it’s His, we can do it His way or now way

An evil dynamic controls this world, it woos young and old, blinding them to sin
Giving them a glimpse of the eternal, that does not exist, it is a lie
Enslaving body and soul, destroying and never making whole, despair rules
Chained wickedness, blind in sin, the world is a slavery camp
Jesus can make us whole, He destroys wickedness, He brings us into His home

No one understands the activity of God, He does as he chooses, He’s always right
Always good, the Lord seeks to give us a new heart, so that we can follow Him
His ways are the right ways, His life the right life, claim your life and follow Him
Jesus will take control, His Word will teach us, His hand will guide us
Never again will fear stalk our hearts, the Lord brings us peace, He gives us joy

We cannot do it ourselves, only Jesus can give us God’s life, Christ leads our steps
Standing with us in failure, Jesus assures us we have victory, Jesus is Lord
He knows our pain, His love gives us gain, His way is the only way for life
Whosoever will may come, He is talking to you, “Come take my hand”
His Word to you, “Do it now”, don’t hurt another day, accept His eternal life

Clay Corvin February 9, 2013