Archive - March 2013


Dr. Pastor Father Husband
Bigger than life
Perry loved the Lord
Loved people-Wanted everyone to be in heaven with him and the Lord
Shared Jesus with everyone all the time
Brother Sanders was never off-He was always ready to share Christ

A golfer
A hunter
A fisherman
A man’s man
A gentleman who always cared about children
He came to Louisiana to go to NOBTS and stayed

Served the Lord
Served his church
Served his family
Served his denomination
He built a great church
Dr. Sanders was on-fire for Jesus

Bible preacher
Innovator in Christian work
Wise and kind
Jesus was his shepherd
He never ever quit
Jesus was his number one

Clay Corvin
March 5, 2013


Dr. Calhoun was truly a ten-talent person
Loving husband of Nancy
Devoted father of Kathleen and David
Caring grandfather of four
A life well lived- Milburn loved the Lord

Dr. Calhoun’s life was a blessing to his patients
He was a visionary for readers
He offered wonderful opportunities for writers
He was an innovative publisher, respected and emulated
Undergirding everything he did was his love for his Lord

A Southern gentleman with deep confidence in his Lord
An epicure
A focused and skilled evaluator of writing talent
A healer and a helper
Dr. Calhoun was the Lord’s servant on the Westbank

Always interested in people
He was an extremely interesting person
His love for his Lord was expressed in all he did
He stayed the course
His life lived until the time he went to be with the Lord

A noted Philanthropist
He saw needs and met them
He was a listener – He was a fixer
Jesus was his friend
We will see him in heaven but for now he is deeply missed

Clay Corvin
Mar 5, 2013


Fearful world, chaotic mess, at war with the Prince of Peace
Reaching out destroying me, while it proclaims “hath God said”, evil trailing me
My life is troubled, my heart is sad, will rejoicing ever reach me
“COME, Jesus said, “Follow me”, my burden is light on thee

Jesus proclaimed life for me, Christ died for my sin, His life brings peace
The Lord proclaimed: FEAR GOD AND FOLLOW ME
The world says no, Christians are fools, pie in the sky bye and bye
God’s Word says different, Jesus has the Power, Christ has the Say
He will give life, He will bring real happiness, not one day but TODAY

When we fear God, we obey God, in Christ we find protection and provision
God approves, we rejoice, Coming into the family of God, I have His favor
No more despair, No more fear, HOPE abounds, Peace in me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, no other name we know, He is Lord of me

His blessing on my life, no matter how bad it was, I am changed
A member of His crew, a servant of Christ, I live for Jesus
He lives in me, His life blessing my children, Changing everything for them
I have all things in Christ, I can give Christ to everyone, people need Jesus
His Word is heard and seen in me, Fear disposed, courage now

Believe in Jesus, He will pour out His blessing on you, hope abounds
Everything changed, my walk talks, my life blesses
I’m set free, I proclaim Jesus, setting others free
No longer a nothing, now I am something, a CHILD OF GOD SET FREE

Clay Corvin Saturday March 2, 2013