Archive - February 2014

BYRON CAREY JACKSON July 3, 1936 – February 27, 2014

Faithful servant of the Lord
Loving father, tireless worker
Gifted with business acumen
Mostly because he worked hard
Shared generously-loved conspicuously
Cared for the hurting

A wise and careful businessman
Loved the church
Courageous in His work for the Lord
Dependable-Carey had staying power

His wife was Carey’s joy
He was proud of her
They lived life as equals
Carey often saying she was more equal than he

A patriot-He loved the USA
A good neighbor everywhere he lived
Always faithful to every task
He stood hitched and exercised insight in all of his dealings
Jesus was Carey’s strength

Clay Corvin February 28, 2014


Love is special, too often only self-serving
You cared for me in a thousand special ways

I was hurting and you listened
Weakness displayed
It was an awful month
Nothing lovely about it
You cared for me

I was down and out
Gripped in failures cold, harsh hand
I wanted my way, yours was better
You put your arm around me and walked my way
You cared for me

Life has many pitfalls
Obstacles aplenty
Some I’ve created, wisdom isn’t my strong suit
You know this and you love me
You cared for me

We can prove the truth of my thinking
Forty-five Valentines
You still love me
You have cared for me all these years
Be my valentine- I love you

Clay Corvin 2/14/14