Archive - March 2014


Pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist and author
Bob loved the Lord with his whole heart
Adored his wife, his children and grandchildren
They were always on his mind and not far from him

A tireless worker for Jesus
Faithful soul winner
Wise in the ways of the Lord
Bob lived an exemplary life

He was a mentor
In word and deed
Strong in serving Jesus
The Lord’s work his life

No bend, no break
Bob did what was right
Never backing up on the cause of Christ
A saint, a servant and a warrior

Humble and kind
Gentle with difficult folk
Judicious with contrary folk
Bob knew what needed doing and did it

A fellow you could follow
A friend who was true blue
Jesus was his mentor
Heaven now his home

Clay Corvin March 5, 2014


Wife of Charles, devoted, faithful and true
Excelled as mother, loved her children
Raised them to be Godly women and man
Jesus was her life; He was her foundation and Lord

She lived what she taught
People count
Kindness is a virtue
Life is important

Passionately committed to her church
She loved her pastors and her friends
Praying for young and old; new friends and longtime friends
Doris always had Jesus on her mind

She did His work
Compassionate, caring, tender and understanding
Tirelessly she promoted the cause of Christ
Never forgetting the need to keep her family close

Courageous, sensitive, bold
New opportunities were never an obstacle
Coming to New Orleans almost an invalid
She made new friends in a city where she literally knew no one

Her life is a living example of how Christ conquerors society
She lived a great life
Christ shone thru all that she did
Now she is with Jesus and friends

Clay Corvin March 5, 2014


Frank loved Jesus
Loved his family
Loved the Bible
Taught the Bible
Shared the Bible
Gave out Bibles
Gideon’s Ministry was a long time habit
Frank’s church was near and dear

Self-taught, encouraged by the Lord
Raising his family was important
Teaching Sunday School a gift

Frank always did the best for his customers
Many of them close friends
They trusted Frank and were confident in his work

Capable, trustworthy, equipped and on time
Careful, strong, relentless and competitive
He cared for the poor and ministered to those in prison

Frank valued life, gave generously and lived to the fullest
His heart was filled with Jesus, his life spent working for Jesus
He saw Jesus by faith now he sees Jesus face to face

Clay Corvin March 4, 2014


Charlotte was an exceptional wife
She loved Milton every day of their married life
Loving and nurturing her children
Her life was full; she always went the extra mile

She loved her church
A faithful and able church member
Jesus, her husband, and her children were her joy
Quiet and capable; she cheerfully lived each day

Wise and understanding
Charlotte knew when to push and when to pull
Her gentleness preceded her
She made others feel important and to her they were

A deep faith
A dedicated life
A person of distinction and significance
She made Jesus proud; her journey done; we miss her

Clay Corvin March 3, 2014

JAMES C. GIBSON (April 5, 1944-November 9, 2013)

Jim Gibson was organized and orderly in all he did
He was a visionary leader, focused on Jesus
Devoted to his wife and children
Committed to his church

Jim dealt with people the way he wanted to be treated
Kind, gentle, helpful and caring
He was a leader’s leader
A confidant, a soldier for the Lord, useable and useful

He saw the potential in people and projects
Jim had a positive attitude
Seeing obstacles he dealt with them instead of wringing his hands
He was God’s can do servant

His life was devoted to doing the best for the Lord
Seeking the best for his associates
Accomplishing the best for his family
His heart was attuned to Christ

Every day was the Lord’s Day
Every one mattered to Jim
No one was overlooked
His faith in Jesus was the cornerstone of his life

Clay Corvin March 3, 2014


He was known as Jerry, likeable and well liked
The grandchildren cherished their time with him
Jerry loved his wife, his family, his home, and his church
Uncomplicated, faithful, wise and ingenious

He knew how to do business; he made things work
An excellent banker
He understood his commitment to his community
The timber business was tough; but Jerry was tougher

Hard working and gentle
Caring and strong
He was a usable servant of the Lord
A Sunday School teacher and a deacon at his church

Jerry is missed
We were blessed
The Lord was served
Now Jerry is home

Clay Corvin March 3, 2014


Laura was a woman of many talents
Giving to the Lord and the people in her life
She loved her husband, her family and her friends
Kind to strangers, helpful to those in need

A woman of deep faith, she loved Jesus
Her faith guided her life
Gardening was a joy
Cooking was her gift and she cooked so well

A self-taught pianist
She practiced at every opportunity
Sharing her love for music
Encouraging her children and grandchildren to play

Every day was a gift
Jesus evident in her walk
Faithful to every task
Now she is with her Lord

Clay Corvin March 3, 2014

LEEKE L. MAGEE 8/31/13

A man of many talents, kindness chief
Loved his family complete
Faithful to his church and his Lord Jesus
Knew what was important and did it

He was not fooled by the spirit of the age
People counted with him
All of his businesses were built to serve
Foolishness and frivolity discouraged

Leeke was a good businessman
Generosity a part of his daily life
People knew he would help
They honored him with their respect

He was insightful, and sweet spirited
Wise and caring
A visionary that bloomed where he was planted
Actively living his faith as the Lord’s obedient servant

No airs
Leeke was a useable Christian
The Lord called on him often
To serve in Jesus name

Clay Corvin March 3, 2014