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I love Jesus He walks with me
Jesus is within me
He comforts and restores me
His love nourishes me
His presence conquers my failure
Jesus is my peace
Jesus is my victory
Jesus is beneath me, over me, behind me, the Lord covers me

I love Jesus
Jesus is my light
Jesus is my life
Jesus knows all about me
Jesus will never leave me
Jesus is greater
He is the only way to the Father
I live for truth and Jesus is the truth

I love Jesus
He is remaking me one incident at a time
Jesus is my focus
Jesus is the subject of my call
Jesus is Lord of all and He rules my life
Make it so Lord Jesus rule me
Equip me to make good decisions
Jesus changes everything-He loves me

Clay Corvin, October 23, 2014


Gezer Water System 2015 Dig
Posted: 13 Oct 2014 02:53 PM PDT
Gezer Water System Expedition
May 24 – June 11, 2015
Tel Gezer, Israel

THE PROJECT:Participate in the excavation of an ancient Canaanite water system at Tel Gezer in Israel.

DATES: May 24 – June 11, 2015. Volunteers should plan to arrive no later than May 22, and those working all three weeks should plan departures for June 12 or 13.

COST: $1800 for the 3-week season, or $600 per week (Extra days $100/day) + airfare. Costs cover room, board and weekend travel. Preference will be given to three-week participants. Participants are responsible for their own flights to and from Israel. The dig will arrange airport pickup.

WEEKEND TRAVEL:The expedition will arrange several field trips covering key areas of Israel. Weekend travel costs are included in the excavation pricing.

ACCOMMODATIONS:Volunteers will be housed in air-conditioned rooms at the Neve Shalom Guest House, with three to four persons per room.

ACADEMIC CREDIT:Undergraduate or graduate course credit for up to 6 semester hours is available. Additional tuition fees apply.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Dan Warner ([email protected]) or Dr. Dennis Cole ([email protected])

Sponsored by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s
Moskau Institute of Archaeology/Center for Archaeological Research
and the Israel Nature and Park Authority