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GOD AT WORK (EPH 1:13-14)

God at work, His universe, His laws
Unchangeable, immutable, before creation
The Father chose you, Christ died for you
Lavishing grace upon grace, the Holy Spirit moves upon you
But you must choose, you must receive, you must repent

You have heard the truth, not philosophy, not attitude
Jesus came into this world, to show His love, to live a perfect life
Jesus is God’s truth, He died on the cross to pay your price for sin
The power of God, raised Him from the dead, His love declared for eternity
His love gives you a new heart, a new life, eternally adopted into the Father’s household

You were a murderer at heart, everyone is dead in their trespasses and sin
No one can solve their sin problem, we need more than a little cleaning up
We need Jesus, His free gift of eternal life provides forgiveness and life
Now in Christ we are alive, evil can no longer destroy us, sin bondage broken
Jesus pardons us, He gives us liberty and freedom, salvation in Him

Do you believe? Belief in Christ is the requirement
You must believe for yourself, I cannot do it for you
Belief changes you, it conforms you to God’s law, His reality
Jesus is looking for you, He is seeking you to give you life and light for living
What will you do? Have you believed? When you believe you are immediately in God’s family

God declares we belong to Him by Word-the Holy Spirit brings this Word to life
We were bought with a price, that price was Jesus and His sacrifice
The Holy Spirit is the witness of God’s ownership – He seals our relationship in Christ
Inheritance guaranteed, not based on us, God will not disown us
Jesus blood and sacrifice, saves a wretch like me, like us

Clay Corvin November 7, 2015

Judge Joe Ned Pigott (11/3/15) –AN UNASSUMING SERVANT

Judge is what I always called him

He treated me like a friend, he treated everyone like a friend

Respect, kindness and gentleness identifiable traits


A young warrior, significant exploits that you seldom heard about

His life was focused on giving back, helping others, serving

A life that was based on his love for Jesus, his submission to his Lord and Savior


Family was important, each one valued and esteemed

Joe taught them to follow the Lord, to love each other

To build value into their lives and give back to their community


A man of adventure but not boasting

A brave man, charming and compassionate

A courageous warrior who loved the Lord Jesus and the people around him


Joe was a conscientious communicator, generous and hard-working

Honesty was his motto, he was merciful and fair-minded

A judge that always knew that Jesus was the real judge


Faithful and fearless

Friendly and trustworthy

Reliable and optimistic


He served Jesus

He served his family

He served his community


Joe was decisive and determined to do the right thing

A dynamic, enthusiastic servant

He followed Jesus, he did what he could, he loved people


Now Joe is with Jesus

His children mentored and prepared

A great friend, a good father, he is deeply missed and we will see him again


Clay Corvin
November 6, 2015


Wife, mother, grandmother

Servant, minister, life scholar

Learning, serving, faithful

Never away from Jesus, every step she took praised Him

Always helping, listening, caring


Mary’s heart was dedicated to the Lord

Crystal clear in her life journey – she would follow the Lord

A long obedience to the Father as a minister and a minister’s wife

She knew what was required of her

No complaining, she did it and did it every single day


Mary’s commitment included every aspect of her life

She lived what she believed

She cared for others as Jesus cared for her

Wisdom, mercy, grace and a willingness to change

Jesus was her guide, God was her partner


Mary spent her life devoted to talking to the Lord

Prayer was as much a part of her life as breathing

She cultivated this habit of prayer

When life happened Mary was praying

Praying that God’s will be done, that Jesus be glorified


What a life

Her family, her ministry, her work

Given to the Lord, dedicated to His honor

Mary impacted everyone she knew-this was her life

She knew where she was going – proclaiming Christ to her last breath
Clay Corvin    October 15, 2015






Charles Salter loved his wife and children intensely and without reservation

He talked about them, was proud of them and spent time with them

Charles loved Jesus and constantly sought His direction and guidance

Quick to share his faith – consistent in living a Godly life


His family and friends were of particular importance to Charles

Charles was careful not to complain-He didn’t want to burden others with his problems

He had a strong sense of honor and always did His best

He loved his community and his country


Trustworthy in his personal and professional life

He knew what it meant to give his word


Loyal to his colleagues, his employer, his church, his family, his friends and Jesus

Charles could always be counted on to be there


Helpful to anyone that needed help

Charles was quick to jump in and do what needed to be done


Friendly to those that cared for him and those that didn’t

He was always a positive factor in any setting


Courteous to the kind and unkind

He made a decision early in his life to be polite and well spoken


Kind to friend and foe alike

It was in his nature to be kind to everyone


Obedient to the Lord, and in all areas of his life

Charles always practiced doing the next right thing, period


Cheerful in his heart, in his manner, in his thoughts

He loved people and enjoyed being with them


Thrifty with his money and yours and generous to the Lord

He lived carefully and practically and provided for his family


Brave and courageous of heart- he did things right

Difficult situations and difficult people didn’t scare Charles


Clean of mind, clean of heart, Jesus occupied his thoughts

Charles knew how important it was to let Jesus guide your thoughts and actions


Reverent to the Lord – he was a man that understood we have an awesome God

Charles had a healthy fear of the Lord-the beginning of wisdom


A real man, a wonderful friend, a great colleague- now with Jesus

We are sad- heartbroken- we were blessed to have you – adieu

CLAY CORVIN August 28, 2015





John loved people

His first words – “How can I help?”

He was concerned about your needs

Always quick to pray for a needy student, friend or fellow faculty member

He would do his share of the work and yours too

John knew how to fix mechanical equipment and he fixed cars

For those who could pay, for those who couldn’t pay

Many hundreds of Seminary students had a car because John fixed it


John loved his family, deeply, thoroughly and consistently

They talked about stuff and things – he wanted them to have the best

He strived for them to be the best and they all know Jesus

John was quick to remind you that your name was carved in God’s hands

That Jesus didn’t have an eraser – Christ took us, kept us and walked with us

I can fix that John would say and would give beyond giving to you and for you

He was your friend without airs, no judging, always there

John was a special person that just cared for others like he cared for his family


A friend, a confessor, a good listener

His humility legendary, never self-serving

A hard worker, you came first with John

John loved the Lord, he shared Jesus

Loved by his students

An indefatigable and tireless worker

John didn’t see himself as a great leader – he was

He didn’t seek accolades – he has them in the halls of heaven


John was our friend

He cared for us

He loved us as best he could

Best regards to Jesus and your Father – We already miss you brother


Clay Corvin   August 24, 2015


Chette Williams is a long time friend.  He is head of FCA for Alabama and is the Chaplain for the Auburn University football team.  Great leader. Good friend.  I just wanted to celebrate Chette today.  God bless you Chette.



Randy Roberts, Mrs. Key and Chette Williams











Funny how quickly things change
Laughing to sorrow
Gain to loss
Joy to heartache
Everything can change
Except our salvation

Christ died that we might have life
A grace gift – From God to you
Based upon the work Christ did
Waiting upon your acceptance
Once we are in His family
Nothing can separate us from His love
Nothing, nothing, nothing

Jesus is alive-seated at the Father’s right hand
Interceding for us
Praying for us-He is Lord
He knows what we need
He is working for our best good
He knows us intimately
We will be with Him now and forever

Clay CORVIN   3/17/15
On a flight from ATLANTA TO PARIS-leaving 5 hours late.


Eaten? Praise the Lord

Filled? Praise the Lord

Alive? Praise the Lord

Friends? Praise the Lord

Healthy? Praise the Lord

Starving? Praise the Lord

Hungary? Praise the Lord

Dying? Praise the Lord

Lonely? Praise the Lord

Sick? Praise the Lord


In all things praise the Lord

It is good to praise the Lord

We desperately need to praise the Lord

All things on Earth praise the Lord

The sun, moon and stars praise the Lord


My hope is in the Lord – Praise the Lord

He is righteous – Praise the Lord

His love is limitless – Praise the Lord

He chose to save us – Praise the Lord

He forgave me when I was dead in sin – Praise the Lord

He is with me now caring for me – Praise the Lord

He seeks to fellowship with me – Praise the Lord

He speaks to me – Praise the Lord

He forgives me – Praise the Lord

He knows me – Praise the Lord

I belong to Him forever – Praise the Lord

He will never let me go – Praise the Lord


Jesus is Lord – Praise the Lord


Clay Corvin   April 12, 2015