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GOD AT WORK (EPH 1:13-14)

God at work, His universe, His laws
Unchangeable, immutable, before creation
The Father chose you, Christ died for you
Lavishing grace upon grace, the Holy Spirit moves upon you
But you must choose, you must receive, you must repent

You have heard the truth, not philosophy, not attitude
Jesus came into this world, to show His love, to live a perfect life
Jesus is God’s truth, He died on the cross to pay your price for sin
The power of God, raised Him from the dead, His love declared for eternity
His love gives you a new heart, a new life, eternally adopted into the Father’s household

You were a murderer at heart, everyone is dead in their trespasses and sin
No one can solve their sin problem, we need more than a little cleaning up
We need Jesus, His free gift of eternal life provides forgiveness and life
Now in Christ we are alive, evil can no longer destroy us, sin bondage broken
Jesus pardons us, He gives us liberty and freedom, salvation in Him

Do you believe? Belief in Christ is the requirement
You must believe for yourself, I cannot do it for you
Belief changes you, it conforms you to God’s law, His reality
Jesus is looking for you, He is seeking you to give you life and light for living
What will you do? Have you believed? When you believe you are immediately in God’s family

God declares we belong to Him by Word-the Holy Spirit brings this Word to life
We were bought with a price, that price was Jesus and His sacrifice
The Holy Spirit is the witness of God’s ownership – He seals our relationship in Christ
Inheritance guaranteed, not based on us, God will not disown us
Jesus blood and sacrifice, saves a wretch like me, like us

Clay Corvin November 7, 2015

Judge Joe Ned Pigott (11/3/15) –AN UNASSUMING SERVANT

Judge is what I always called him

He treated me like a friend, he treated everyone like a friend

Respect, kindness and gentleness identifiable traits


A young warrior, significant exploits that you seldom heard about

His life was focused on giving back, helping others, serving

A life that was based on his love for Jesus, his submission to his Lord and Savior


Family was important, each one valued and esteemed

Joe taught them to follow the Lord, to love each other

To build value into their lives and give back to their community


A man of adventure but not boasting

A brave man, charming and compassionate

A courageous warrior who loved the Lord Jesus and the people around him


Joe was a conscientious communicator, generous and hard-working

Honesty was his motto, he was merciful and fair-minded

A judge that always knew that Jesus was the real judge


Faithful and fearless

Friendly and trustworthy

Reliable and optimistic


He served Jesus

He served his family

He served his community


Joe was decisive and determined to do the right thing

A dynamic, enthusiastic servant

He followed Jesus, he did what he could, he loved people


Now Joe is with Jesus

His children mentored and prepared

A great friend, a good father, he is deeply missed and we will see him again


Clay Corvin
November 6, 2015