Archive - January 2016


Hard words.  Destroyed lives.
Always win their way
Breaking off our resolutions, destroying new days
Life a play with endless scenes
We give up to emotions that drag us down, letting them own us
There’s never an easy way to deal with pain
Addictions are many, each one bold
We sit defenseless with no place to hold
We scream in our hearts for forgiveness, going forth to sin again
What is it about us that sins so boldly?
Why can’t I be like others?
Sin has a crimson stain, scarring and masquerading, It has a hold on me
Others are in the same boat, they just lie better than you
There is no solution but Jesus, hold on He says, He will make all things new
Get 3×5 cards, record a new Scripture in your own handwriting each day
Every hour re-read todays Word, do it, do it, do it
The Word and the Holy Spirit will begin their time in your spiritual life
Slowly ever slowly your willingness to give up that addiction will grow
New life will build in you, a year down the road you will see where you are
A long way from hell, Satan decapitated, your faith bold, your heart warm and powerful
No longer in chains of bondage, no more distraught nights and days
Clearly your life will show what you will know – Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of all things and you
Clay Corvin 1/12/16