Archive - February 2016



Like a gentle breeze you enter
Smiling, beautiful and a gentle face
Confident, courageous, adventurous
And much more

You are a servant of the Lord High God
Jesus your Master, elder brother, guide
Your presence encourages those you are with
Jesus life lives in you, His love shines through you

Your competency precedes you
It is simply you, what you have done and are doing
Faith underscores all that you do
It surrounds you, Faith is a strength

Mercy is an abiding gift Christ has given you
People take to you immediately
They feel your kindnesses
They know your genuine love for them

Friendships last with you
People never walk away; they need someone like you
You are the bright light, the warm soul
You calm the minds and hearts of your friends

Peace is your present
It is a gift from God and authenticates the presence of Jesus
You have it, you give it
People love it and seek to be with you

Home is far away and yet you are able to make yourself at home
Family misses you and you miss them but Jesus fills your heart
Life is fast, always hard, loneliness seeks to sidetrack you
Yet you refuse to let loneliness win, Jesus is in control

We are blessed that you are here
You will bless so many by your training
We will stand with you
The Lord loves you and us through you

Clay Corvin, February 13, 2016


Totally completely sold out to Jesus
The Lord knows her name
A life surrendered, no care for fame

Friendship treasured
Church her center-commitment
Friends fill her life

A committed journey
Godly fear
Charity, honor, faithfulness

Kind to everyone
Helping them fight their battle
Little regard for the price she pays

Cloaked in purity
Walking with Jesus
Her actions are her words

She does not lay up treasures for herself
Humility her way
Yet bold as a lion

When she arrives the light has come
Virtue, love and surrender to the Lord
Underscore her righteous soul

Filled with common sense
Common honesty her strength
A life of decency-she is the Lord’s servant

You are great where you are not where you will be in ten years
Your beauty enhanced by your soul
Jesus has a hold on you-You have a hold on us

We rejoice for you-praise honor and glory to the Lord
We pray for you-life is hard and everyone has their turn
We treasure you-we love you-thank you for being our friend

Clay Corvin -2/11/16-