Archive - March 2016

Carolyn Greer Heard – 2/14/16

Devoted-to Jesus-to her family
Loving daughter, mother, grandmother
Carolyn was the focus of her husband
She focused her life on him- a great combination

Alive to life – excitement and joy
A lifelong encourager
Carolyn was strong in her faith
She stood with others in their time of need

Capable, insightful, determined
Fairness was important to her
She cared for others and did something about it
Constantly giving of herself

Carolyn had lifelong friends
She faced significant heartbreak
She never looked back
Her life, her mind was focused on Christ

She sought to understand and be understood in life
Carolyn never voiced platitudes
She went out and found out and knew what she believed
Her actions were always courageous and bold

Curious, kind and gentle
A person with self-respect and the bearer of great responsibility
Stable, successful and trustworthy
We will see her again, today we mourn our loss of her

Clay Corvin March 6, 2016


Seeking, knowing, capable
Willing to assert courage and character to power through dark nights
Intellect, even genius sets apart, seldom combined with common sense, except in you
Few can see what you see or know what you know
Intuition and insight constantly being honed

A bright vision, in the depths of your heart
At times unwilling to announce what you are called to do
So that others will not be overwhelmed
You seek to pass as a humble servant: helping, listening, honoring
Logical, sensitive-the future unrolls day by day

You challenge life itself, demanding more for the voiceless
Praying for the despairing, equipping the untrained
Sharing your wisdom, encouraging where there is only desperation
You’ve chosen a hard, harsh road to walk
Many days will be lonely, the Lord stands with you

There are no flighty days with you
Everyday you arise to fight the darkness
The Evil One notices you and attacks full bore
You defy the odds, letting the Lord fight the battle
Faith, loyalty and surrender accomplish what human wisdom cannot

A fifty-year horizon
You’re in for the long haul
You’ll never quit, disappointment spurs your creativity
Your heart, your soul stands seven feet tall
Worthy of the best, willing to serve your call, Jesus your all

A Tribute to Your Life: Your Commitment: Your Honor
Clay Corvin March 10, 2016