Archive - April 2016


When you’ve said it all
Seen it all
And much in between
Uganda raises your understanding
How amazing and devastating life can be

Vistas beyond the minds ability to comprehend
Beauty with a depth exceeding 3-D
Up close and personal
Human suffering and need
How Lord can I minister to the heartache around me?

Explicit evil calling
Touching beauty’s hands
Ripping off the hearts of humans
Oh Lord it’s so hard to understand
Tell me what you can

Jesus died for sinners
I’m at the head of the line
He’s called me to be His hands and feet
Not to define nor opine
Life is life and death is not final for me and you

Helpless as it seems I am
I bring water and a listening ear
I will tell your story for all to hear
Bringing new resources
Jesus I am here

Clay Corvin 4/29/16


My heart is right oh Lord
My heart is right
I have an excitement in my soul
This journey is meant to be

I’ve thought it through
I’ve prayed it through
Prepared, details
All I’ve done points to success

I don’t know
What I don’t know
But I’m ready to learn
Fear has no place in my heart

Journey proud today
I’m on the way
Obstacles rearing their head
You oh Lord have ordained my trip

I pray You remove all stops
No more gotchas
Be still my heart
Lord prepare me

I am yours
Fill my heart with YOUR thoughts
Make me a usable vessel
Equip me with eyes to see

Your Word oh Lord guides me
It speaks life, discovery, strength
Be my guide as I go
You Lord are my protection.

Clay Corvin 4/24/16