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A new place, a new chance to grow, a new opportunity to see with new eyes

This place, this event, just a few days in a long life

Be there, in heart, in body, in soul

Prepare your mind, do not fear, the strength of God is with you


Lord give us today’s bread, walking new streets, odd sounds

There is a sound I know, slower here, the day ticks by

Another place, another sight, all under the Father’s purview


Do not worry about tomorrow, record today’s events, they will change you

You don’t want to forget, those things that were heaven sent

Clattering through your mind, a sign, a sense, a smell

They will build your inner strength, making you more than you were

You have a chance to change the world, keep ahold of your moorings


A new bed, room, food, people

New paths, challenging work

A respite before seeing things you’ve only dreamed of, each morning new


Time will go fast, learn all you can

We are not promised tomorrow, what you journal will live

Think about your reactions, what do they tell about you?

Be on the alert, new is too often dangerous

But carefully it becomes you


Then home again, prepared, excited, joy

The familiar for one day is new, oh how wonderful it looks

You know what it means to miss your home place


That’s how new goes

It is here only for a moment, then it becomes common

The one who can see the wonder of the common, that one will win

Winning is just another part of the ordinary, we can do it all the time

It demands that we live with joy, peace, and Christ-He is our light and life


Clay Corvin   – August 15, 2016



Mike believed the Lord and was gloriously saved
He is not ashamed of the Gospel-and speaks God’s Word
He never got over his salvation-He was committed to share with everyone
Life for all – Deliverance for the captives was his belief
Mike is a friend of God – People count with him

He loves his family – desperately, devotedly, completely
The children are lovingly cared for and
Mike’s wife Jeanne is his beloved-His partner in life
Together they fight the good fight-deal with the impossible
They pray and work and trust – their faith their life

When Mike shares the Gospel the demons run
So many times I’ve seen him share with power and strength
Grown men ask for deliverance and Mike tells them of Jesus
He is a soldier of the highest order-fearless, faithful and beloved of God
Mike has labored long and hard in the Father’s Garden-useable to the very end

He believed the Gospel was for everyone
It is practical, powerful and persistent
It helps us work through the heartache of life
It reveals the foolishness of the self-life
We are equipped by the Gospel to know Jesus Christ-Mike believed that

These are perilous times-Jesus is coming soon
The transforming power of the Gospel guided Mike step by step
Mike reached out to those around him without any airs
He was a real man who loved those he was with
You were his flock, you are loved, Mike is a friend of God

Clay Corvin August 14, 2016





Today is like every day, I need you Lord, I am desperate for You

Harsh events, life prints, leave me struggling, struggling to grow

Willingly I bend my knee to worship You, my heart beats with anticipation of your voice


Used and worn, life is overwhelming me, I am desperate for You

Wash sin out of my life, cleansing me from the dust and strife of living a Holy Life

Overcome my wayward ways, I’m so selfish too often, Lord speak and I will listen


Heated heart striving to be near You, Lord I am desperate for You

Impossible dreams wafting through my soul, All of life grabbing hold, I’m here Lord

I am seeking to be useful to You Lord, to those with me, to those I love


Again it seems life and everything is stacked against me, I am desperate for You

Many thoughts propel me, hear my cry, the things that mitigate success, rescue me Father

Faces in the crowd condemn me, those with me lift me up, the Godly seek me out


My expectation of a partner is nil, you Lord only you, I am desperate for You

Training me so young, the illusion that I am free, I am chained to You Lord, You Lord

Growth comes slowly, then quickly, I’ve so much to learn, Help me be Yours


So now a new day begins, the long watch of the night, I am desperate for You

Expectations are running high, is that me, I’m scared, it’s so new, fearsome

Then in a clear small voice you speak, I AM with you, do not be afraid


Yes, Lord I hear you speak, my heart jumps, my soul rejoices, I am desperate for You

Knowing You are here as I struggle, suffer and recover, life has real meaning in You

Receive my many praises Lord, You are great and mighty and I love You, You Lord, I love You


Once again a new day dawns, time flies, it causes me to be anxious, I am desperate for You

Time is renewed in You, eternity beckons day by day, You Lord are my refuge, my strength, my joy

To be with you Lord is to have peace, to know I’m on the right track, praise God from whom all blessings flow


This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice therein, I am desperate for you

I live one day at a time, His presence gladly accepted, gratefully and joyously received

You Lord are my life my all, You Lord are all I need, Thank you Lord, Thank you

Clay Corvin  August 3, 2016

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