Archive - September 2016


What a year-tumor and all

At least we got past our deductible

Tragically at your expense-two times under the knife-three times rehab

Stronger mentally and physically

You dealt with the set-back with courage and tenacity


Today your recovery is well in hand-preparing for that third rehab

Already plotting your escape – doing your own thing

Without all those people helping you

Back to the salt mines-serving, leading and taking care of your family

This is SOP for you, this is who you are and you do it so well


What a vista, what a view, 48 years living with you

I’m where I am because of you-serving God-loving you

What I do requires an accomplice-that would be you

How I’ve done it demands support, correction, encouragement, demands

That would also be you-thank you-you complete me-you and the Lord shaped me


Our lives are so intertwined it’s hard to tell where you stop and I begin

I love you, you love me, together we have fought the good fight

Continuing we look to the future-the Lord has us here still

But one day it will change-prayerfully we will both still be here

Walking into the future, knowing the truth-Jesus Christ


Blessed with three children and three spouses, three beautiful grandchildren

Blessed to live committed to the Lord

Blessed to be serving still together

Blessed to have wonderful friends and a wonderful place to serve

Blessed with life and joy and peace-thank you Jesus


Forty-eight is a big number, but now we are looking to forty-nine

I can’t imagine doing this without you, thank you, I am so grateful

Our life has been an amazing ride across nearly five decades

Vacations, sabbatical, family, ups and downs all make up our trip

Today is the first day of the rest of our life-thank you Carol for loving me


I love you with all my heart-our prayer time has blessed me so consistently

Jesus is here with us-the Lord keeps every tear we have shed in his tear bottle

We have had so many wonderful times that far out shadow the challenges

Thank you for being the best wife anyone could ever have

Jesus is Lord, He loves both of us and I love you

CLAY CORVIN    9/14/16

WHO SAYS? Psalm 130-Guilt Free Living


Who says I’m not guilty, I feel it every day, my mind reels, my heart feels
I eat too much, I don’t pray like I should, I gossip, tell jokes, guilty as charged
Oh Lord I feel so guilty, I just want to hide my head, my worry quotient is thru the roof
How can I be a good servant? Who can use me? I’m no paragon of virtue Lord help me

Who says I’m guilty, everything is cool as far as I’m concerned, oh I do a few things
But I’m not like them and those, I’m quick to apologize if I’m offensive, I’m not so bad
Certainly don’t gossip like her or him, I’m not such a bad person
I know I could do better but life is hard, I’m just trying to get bye, I’m not so bad

Two types of relevant guilt, neither surrendered to the Father,
One guilty of daily things, the other oblivious to guilt
Jesus redeems us, Forgives us, corrects us, as we get to know Him our guilt shows
Our heart knows, against thee O Lord I have sinned, against thee and thee alone

Hear my cry O Lord, listen to me as I speak, I’m in need of forgiveness for my evil
You Lord are the only one that can help me, I’m in need of prayer and redemption
My sin is heart deep and offensive to the Father in every way, Help me O Lord
Forgive me and bring me into your family, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, forgive me

The world says life is hard then you die, I’m desperate Father for you
Jesus says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
But Christ died to save us from our sin and I sure need saving Lord
The Cross event, the resurrection, the redemption of mankind, Lord include me

Every day I need you, O Lord I need you, Guide my feet in your way
This day speak to my heart Lord, forgive me of my sinful ways
I wander and wobble in daily things, forgetting the Lord is my thing
Write your words on my heart Jesus that I might not sin against you

There is power in the presence of the Lord, Come and be with me Jesus
Redemption visits me daily, cleanse me from sin, Bring me in to your presence Lord
This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it
Focus my mind and heart on you, lead me in the everlasting way

Now Lord I know you and I want to shout it from the rooftops, o sinner know the Lord
With Jesus there is much forgiveness, more than enough to deal with your sin
In Christ alone is our fount of wisdom, mercy, grace and forgiveness
Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so in a million ways

Clay Corvin September 3, 2016