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Exodus to the Exile Israel constantly sinned
Choosing idols over God – they did it their way
Stoning the prophets – idolizing religion
Hosea shared Gomer’s life – amidst the sin he loved her

Before we cast any stones, let’s look at the ground we are on
My feet follow a selfish path, my way, poor me, all alone
Yet the Father calls me to change, Israel was the same
They didn’t listen, neither do I

In the fullness of time the Father’s wrath carried Israel away
The land was barren for hundreds of years; a truth prophesied
Becoming reality, destroyed a nation beloved of God
He did it their way, sin results in destruction, God’s call-change

I’m thinking of my life, maybe yours too
How often we think our plans are God’s plans and we can see them through
The pain and anguish from foolish ways, why me Lord our cry
But the Word is complete-it points to me-bend your knee-follow ME

Hosea travailed over Gomer, He trusted the Lord God
Instructions were followed to the letter, his pain more than I can imagine
God loved Hosea, Hosea loved Gomer, God loves Israel
Even after all this the Father was still seeking Israel’s best good

Jesus is seeking you, He hurts when you hurt
Christ knows that He can equip us to stand in the face of evil
It must be our choice, Jesus is with us, the Holy Spirit resides in our heart
Let the Lord have your weakness, He will give you His strength

Life passes quickly, we cast ourselves as the lead in our living play
The problem is that Jesus is the lead, we are to follow His say
Bend the knee to Jesus, ask Him to take your hand, give Him your life
Evil will leave your presence; His power will lead you His way

Clay Corvin October 28, 2017



It’s often hard to sleep
So much going on, I toss and turn
Everything is happening, I feel the anxiety of the day

My creator lives, he handled all things
Before I arrived
After I’m gone, the Father will continue to handle all things

Why do I fumble with my sleep?
It’s hard enough when I’m relaxed
Yet I continue in pain, O Lord, please know my name

Jesus is my Savior, He gives me His righteousness
He is Lord, I am not, so when my journey begins I trust Him
He is my help, He will be with me, guiding me

The Father is watching over me, He is my Lord
He never tires and never sleeps
He will not let me stumble and fall, Jesus is attentive to me

I seek to simplify my life, it will be gone too soon to be complicated
Holy Spirit speak to me, remind me to praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Help me experience your love in a new and deep way, I want to know YOU Lord

The Lord is good in every way
Every thought the Lord has for me is a thought for good
He is with me, here now, available 24/7-I count with Jesus

CC October 27, 2017