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God never sleeps, never dozes, never misses anything
He is the Creator, watching over mankind, His creation
Before you were formed in your mother’s womb
He knew you – He’s not missed one second of your life
He had a mission for you – you count with the Father
Sin destroys us, we are sinful through and through, it sidetracks us
Jesus comes to us with the Gospel, He has a better way

The Lord is near – He is as indivisible from us as our shadow
He is here – always here – never not here
Good, bad, or indifferent, whatever ugly mess we make of our lives
Jesus reaches out to us, claiming us, reassuring us – we count with the Lord
We belong to Jesus – He treasures us – He knows us – He loves us – He is love

Jesus always knows exactly what is going on with us, each one of us
He is never indifferent to our condition, He cries with us, He laughs with us, He loves us
He never wearies of dealing with us – perfect patience, total love – He never walks away
Jesus deals with us individually, He knows each one of us, totally, completely
He matures His promises in our journey, we count with Jesus Christ
We discover in our spiritual journey that He reveals Himself to us day by day
Today we know Him, tomorrow we know Him better – we count with Jesus

The Lord Himself cares for us, not angels, our Father, Shepherd, King, Lord
He guards us now, He knows what is going on, He is by our side
He guards us when we leave, when we return, we count with Jesus

Jesus is our protection from all evil, 24/7, He is always on the clock
He is able to care for us, forever, always, in every situation
He is committed to us, Jesus never leaves us, we count with Him
We are His treasure, the apple of His eye, individually, personally

We count with Jesus, He forgives us and gives us His righteousness
Today He is with me, now He is with me, when I am bad He is with me
He never leaves me, He is the mighty God, the Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ
Nothing can separate us from Jesus Christ, Nothing

Clay Corvin
May 16, 2019
Northport, AL




Frank loves Jesus, with his heart, soul and mind
His wife and children are the apple of his eye, a blessed gift of God
He has organized his life around-God, Family, and People
With a deep love for God and Family, Frank loves people

He seeks to share the Gospel with everyone he meets
He guides God’s Church, with Christ in control
He cares for others as he would care for himself
Frank loves people, loves to help people, loves to listen to people

Frank’s heart is consistently focused on the needs of the people he meets
His concern for their lostness leads him to care for them as a shepherd
He also cares for their pain, their economic situation, and how he can help them
He never misses an opportunity to reach out and help, to care, to comfort

His whole life is an open book, he is a friend, he has friends
His word is his bond, his heart is passionate for the cause of Christ, and for hurting people
He leads as Jesus leads him, he is surrendered to the guidance of the Lord
Frank is winsome and people want to be with him, he cares

Dependability has been a lifelong trait
Frank is there, he is in the traces
Determined, diligent, bold and enthusiastic
He loves Jesus, and he ministers to his flock
Gently, generously, gratefully and with humility

Frank never runs over others, he truly works with people to help them
He has a unique ability to use words and actions that communicate his concern
He exhibits strength that is an uplifting strength, encouraging and positive
He has an ability to forgive and forget that enhances his ministry opportunities

Frank leads God’s church, and God’s people as God’s man
His life exemplifies his willingness to submit to Jesus and do what Christ calls him to do

His faith is platformed with joy and peace-Jesus is in control
Frank is patient, persuasive, resourceful and reverent to the Lord
An obedient servant who exercises self-control and wisdom for the Lord
Every day, he is in service to Jesus

Clay Corvin-A Tribute to Dr. Frank Cox – A MAN OF GODLY WISDOM
May 10, 2019