Archive - August 2019


Prepare now
It’s all you have
The Lord takes our preparation
Shaping us, filling us

Our God is a mighty power
Moving us from strength to strength
He is calling us to speak
His name, His work in you

Calling you to care, to love people you meet
Come, follow me
Christ will be with you every step
It won’t be easy but it will be victorious

Clay Corvin
[email protected]



Christ in me, Freedom from the evil one

Christ forgives my sin, sets me free

Giving me the power, to live free and Serve Him

Christ in me, my Mind submitted to God

Oh Lord help me, rebuking my Evil thoughts

Harnessing my wandering heart, focusing my mind on You

Christ in me, Heart control a choice

Submission, submission, submission

Evil seeking to destroy me, By The things I say and do

Christ in me, His control guides me

Leading me to serve, equipping me to grow

The things I do important, His power available if I ask

Christ in me, He knows the end from the beginning

Serving Him and using me, His goal, my hope

Giving me the confidence to rejoice, He gives me peace

Clay Corvin – July 22, 2019

Santa Fe, NM  5:40 pm MDS