Archive - March 2021


A burning desire exists in every man
A desire to meet God
A desire to find meaning
A desire to take a stand.

A desire to connect with One bigger than life
Bigger than cultural chaos
Bigger than us.  
Bigger than partisan strife

In faith communities there are sacred spaces
Rituals to remind us
Practices to bind us
Take off your shoes places.

Children are dedicated to our Lord
Parents expressing desire for support
Community pledging to journey together
Directed by God’s Holy Word. 

Together we take communion
The Lord’s Supper
Representing the blood of Jesus
His sacrifice to provide us union

Alone we are baptized 
Total immersion in water
Holding nothing back
Identity in Christ realized.

Sacred spaces make us separate and whole
Putting the uncommon in community
Allowing us significance
Filling the God-shaped hole.

Sacred spaces. Sacred places. Sacred graces. 

R. Allen Jackson