Monday in the Galilee was another good day of touring. The weather was chilly and windy. It was excellent weather for touring.

We left Maagan after our morning devotional on the beach and stopped at Aroma Coffee at the junction. We have visited quite a number of Aroma Coffee Shops as we toured in Israel. It was a very good experience every time. The employees of each shop we visited impressed me. They were friendly and prompt. The coffee is good too.

We drove through Tiberius. Gilla shared about the history of the region and specifically about the history at the time of Christ. We turned into Nof Ginnosar where we would visit the “Jesus Boat,” and meet the boat that we would sail in on the Sea of Galilee. Rev. Phil Jeansonne led in our devotional on the Sea of Galilee. The crew played a couple of Christian songs on the sound system, and taught us Israeli folk dancing. Everything worked well together. Our time on the Sea of Galilee was a blessing for each one of us.

Leaving Nof Ginnosar and turning north we drove to the Mount of Beatitudes. It took a few extra minutes to get up the hill to the site. The Mount of Beatitudes is at the top of the first hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The view of the entire Sea of Galilee is excellent. You can see the entire area of Jesus’ ministry on the Sea of Galilee. Pastor Rob Wilton led in our devotional.

We ate lunch at Migdal. Schnitzel, swarma or falafel was our choices. The food is good and they served us quickly. We have eaten at the Migdal Café many other times and they have consistently done a good job.

Dr. David Lema led our devotional at the Primacy of Peter. This site commemorates the time the Lord cooked fish on the beach after the resurrection. He called Peter to come back and lead His church. There is a rock table, Mensa Christi (Table of Christ) in the church building on the site. After the devotional everyone walked down to the beach. It was a good place to think.

Capernaum is just up the road. Our time there included visiting the church on the site, seeing the White Synagogue, seeing Peter’s house, identifying the process of pressing olives and grinding wheat. Dr. Roudkovski led our devotional inside the White Synagogue. Capernaum is the place where Jesus would have been many times. Walking thru the site you know that you’ve connected with where Jesus would have walked and shared. He worked many miracles here. He taught His disciples and preached the Gospel. Capernaum is now only a museum.

The day has gone entirely too quickly. We drive in the bus on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Dr. Dukes shared about the Gadarene Demoniac near the memorial on the Eastern Shore.

I love the Galilee area. I like being on the sea and I enjoy all of the Galilee. I particularly like the Golon. I think it is critical for the long-term health of Israel as a nation. With all of that said, tomorrow morning we will set our face toward Jerusalem and by evening will be in the Holy City.

Our discussions were wide ranging and in many cases deep. This was another wonderful day of touring in Israel. Our pilgrimage is affective on my life and effective in helping me grow in my understanding of the Bible.

Clay Corvin

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