Sea change
Heart faint
What will tomorrow say?

Listen and you will hear
Commitment, faith
Hard work, grace
Faithful teaching, wisdom

You decide
What is done comes to you
Questions expressed to help

100 years
Providence and prayer
We believe
You trust
A partnership of hope

Hope for God’s call
Belief in what is needed
Jesus is our goal

Clay Corvin
In a trustee meeting, 4/11/18



Call me says the Lord God – A clear command
With promises in a world of pain and chaos
No where can we find the answers that the Lord gives
To life’s perilous journey

Shout out your needs
Desperate days
Life hurts
We don’t know what is going on in the spiritual realm

The fear of death constrains our courage
We don’t believe His word
Walking with the Lord becomes a journey of folly
We stand with the world wondering why we fail

The Lord God will answer you
His promise to each of us
His Word is clear
He will give us the guidance and direction we need

Seldom are His answers detailed
We wouldn’t understand them if they were
He doesn’t ask what we think
Remember we are but dust – Alive today – Gone tomorrow

His revelation will equip us to grow in Christ likeness
We never say – I am helpless – I can’t do anything
We may be bound but the Word isn’t bound
We can do what the Lord says

We have a different world view than the lost
The humblest Christian knows more about the things of God
Than the greatest lost statesman
Therefore the Lord commands us to pray – His phone is never busy

Pray now – pray today – pray everyday
Lord teach us to pray – to pray when hurting
Pray in rejoicing – pray without ceasing
God says pray – He will answer us and tell us what to do

Clay Corvin
New Orleans – Saturday – July 20, 2018




Wise, beautiful, congenial
Careful about her life
She loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart
She cares deeply for people
All people

Alice is gifted in her cooking
Organized, equipped, knowledgeable
Her kitchen is her place
A planner, imaginative, just plain good

A talented, smooth operator
She leads from the front
A versatile doer
She gets stuff done
With the resources she has

No complaints
No excuses
A life lived well
A heart gifted to love
She is energetic and focused

A lifetime of giving
A work ethic beyond compare
Sharp, savvy and insightful
An example for others
A servant of Christ
We are blessed by Alice

Clay Corvin – A Tribute to Alice
July 3, 2018




Strong, courageous, indefatigable
Started her journey and refused to quit
Like the Wild West she forged a way in Santa Fe
Her life an example of wisdom and determination

What she didn’t know she learned
Those things required she dealt with
Things that would have stopped others
Simply took a little more time, a little more elbow grease

A good son, a good life
Built out of her standing up to strife
She would not quit, she refused to lose
Life was hard, Anne was harder

A gentle woman, kind and caring
Neighbors, church, community
Astute, shrewd, in a tough, difficult business
She loves the Lord and cares for others

Brainy, resourceful and teachable
Her life has real value and worth
She did it with her Lord and the strength he gives her
A friend, a planner, a giver, all who know her love her


A Tribute to a Great Woman who made her own way
Clay Corvin – On a visit to Santa Fe, NM. 6/20/18



A Christ follower, a changed life
Eschewed the world’s ways, followed the Lord
Constant learner, a man with vision and wisdom
Hard worker, faithful, committed

A family man who loves his wife above all others
He raised his family, he loves his children
Now they have produced grandchildren equally loved
Dudley is consistent, kind, respectful to everyone

A deep thinker, an experienced businessman
Others call on him for advice, they appreciate his insight
He is Sagacious, intelligent, learned and knowledgeable
He is enlightened in the ways of the Lord and business

Dudley helps his clients deal with their needs prudently
He sees the future and he knows disaster comes quickly
He seeks to build in careful risk control
His methods are efficient and encouraging

He never discounts others, people count with him
His life is an open book, he always cares for others
Controlled, gentle, positive, people enjoy his presence
They feel safe, secure, and important

His focus is Jesus
Family always most important
Friends find him delightful, a man of class
Dudley is a true servant, his life shares Jesus everyday

MORE TO COME. – JUNE 13, 2018



Unassuming, hard-working, genius
Always mindful of his family, committed, loving, caring
He and Jewel did life together, 55 years

Mike was faithful to the Lord
Faithful with his witness
Proud of his boys, loved people

His life was fast-paced
A warrior at heart, he fought for what was right
He connected with people

A wise business man, everyone won with Mike
He was imaginative, positive and successful
An excellent communicator

An efficient and effective provider
Great talent, brilliant strategist
His business was well developed and significant

Mike was versatile and astute
Always up to speed on business processes
A resourceful, dedicated leader

Mike loved the Lord
He was a good student of the Word
Life will be different without him

We miss Mike
We suffer his loss
He is rejoicing with Jesus

Clay Corvin – In honor and tribute to my friend
June 13, 2018



A passionate witness to the Lord Jesus Christ
Willing to do whatever it takes to win the lost
Ed is a faithful loving pastor

Ed’s family of the utmost importance
He loves them immeasurably, complete and total
Always, always making sure his wife and child knew his love
Experienced his love, they were special to him
He continues until this very day
Ed is a faithful parent and husband, a faithful loving pastor

All of the churches Ed has served and now serve
He equips them for the Gospel
They love one another and care about people
Christ is important, and they share that importance
Ed is a soul winner and a faithful loving pastor

A tireless servant, an erudite compassionate preacher
His messages communicate the love of Jesus and the power of God
His life is an example as a faithful, zealous servant of the Lord High God
Ed is winsome, kind, gifted and skilled
People seek him out, his council is valuable
Ed is tireless and a faithful loving pastor

Ed is a student of God’s Word, it guides his life
The Word is preached, taught and caught
People see Ed’s example, do what Ed does
A follower of Jesus, always leading people to Christ
Ed is a student of the Word and a faithful loving pastor

Christ, family, church, the lost
Ed focuses on the most important things in a Christ like life
He is helpful and kind, always going the second mile
A visionary, a warrior, a priest
Ed knows the right way to go and he is a faithful loving pastor

Clay Corvin
To my friend and mentor Ed Johnson
June 2, 2018


Determined for the Gospel
Zealous for the cause of Christ
Unremitting in his efforts to tell everyone about Jesus
Energetic and vigorous in sharing Christ
Hard working and dynamic in his proclamation of the Gospel

Loves his wife, an amazing partner in life
She is perfect in all her ways
Gifted and skilled as Nelson
She too is dynamic in her Gospel sharing
The two are equipped to constantly witness to Jesus

A family filled with love
Each focused on the other
Developing Godly beloved adults
Lives that continue in Christ
Living the Gospel in their life and witness

Our Giant is an erudite pastor
His sermons scholarly works
That communicate to the street
People hear and understand
Everything he does is a witness to Christ

A winsome warrior
When he speaks people listen
Wise and gifted, he really cares for people
Identifying their needs
Everyone is valuable

“He ain’t nothin but a winner”
His life exemplifies “Christ is all and in all”
He refuses the negative
His goal-that all might come to Christ
A kingdom Giant, he walks the land as God’s servant

Clay Corvin
New Orleans, LA
May 25, 2018



Life has a way of pressing on us, confining us, defining us
We find ourselves out of place, the old days renewed, failure all around
I did, I was, I can’t – time’s short – not enough money seems to say it all
You are not what you were, you are who you are, now, tomorrow
Define yourself in Christ-Begin now to be who He says you can be

Realize that the Christ life is a process, it has a beginning so start, now
Christ like living is a process, not a performance, we are now creatures
Be what you are called to be, forget the past, forget the failures
I will not let yesterday define today or tomorrow, I belong to Jesus, He is Lord
Christ created me and He will build victory into everything I do-claim it, it’s true

Step one is to get a grip. Jesus is Lord. He has a hold on me. It is His grip
It’s not my feeble services that I live on, it is Christ in me, alive and active
I am pressed at every point of my being, overwhelmed but not overrun
Jesus gives me His victory, His strength, His wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding
I am free, Jesus uses me, as He sees fit to use me and I trust Him

I see myself, it’s not my efforts, it is my surrender
Jesus is Lord of me and everything I touch, including failure and faltering
He knows me, all of me, every day there will be a me, Jesus really is Lord of all things
Therefore, I can trust Him, I can turn to Him, Christ encourages me in the midst of life
Every moment from this moment forward, I surrender to Jesus, change me Lord, change me

The way I was is not the way I have to be, I am new in Christ, a new creature
Created by Him to live as He lived, in confidence and surrender to the Father’s will
I have important things to do, everyone I come in contact with needs Jesus
They need His love, His life and His gift – relationship is critical, people count
Each one counts with the Lord – He calls me to care for them, to tell them the News

God has called me, and you, to strive to grow in Christ likeness, to be like Him
Service is critical, the question is not how much I do, it is will I serve God’s purpose
Am I surrendered? Am I usable? Will I do as the Father calls me to do?
He calls me to be with Him, spend time with Him, grow and know Him
He calls me to be like Jesus, care for others like Jesus cared

Will I get the picture? Will I change and be like Jesus?
It’s a choice. The Father, the Holy Spirit, Jesus provide everything I need to Press On
Today, this moment is like no other in my life-I will live like Jesus live
Change will be part of my daily walk-prayer, forgiveness, love, surrender, sacrifice
I am pressing on under the powerful strength of Jesus-all to Jesus I surrender-He is Lord

Clay Corvin February 10, 2018



O the JOY!

A joyful noise, praise ye the Lord
Singing praises, lauding His Holy Name
Head lifted up, enemies set aside
We do in Him and through Him
Our aim honor His name

Jesus born in Bethlehem, praise ye the Lord
Shepherds were the first to hear, praised His name
Came to Bethlehem to see the God child
Worshipped Jesus and shared what they had seen far and wide
They went with joy and peace, they saw salvation

Why did the announcement come to the Shepherds? Praise ye the Lord
They were not wise by any one’s eyes
No power there, just lonely shepherds
No privilege, no titles, no academic accomplishments
They were just shepherds, the world had overlooked them

Everyone counts with the Lord, praise ye the Lord
All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God
Jesus died that all might have access to the forgiveness of God
If you choose Jesus, He chooses you, a free gift from the Father
Let us go to Bethlehem and see what God has done

God chooses everyone who responds in faith, praise ye the Lord
Herod, the wise, the nobility, the religious all ignored God
The lowly, the meek, the misfit, the disenfranchised-good news
God chooses you, listen to Shepherds call, the Lord has come
Choose freely all and one, Jesus God’s son was born in Bethlehem

Born that you might have forgiveness, praise ye the Lord
Bringing healing in His touch, access to the Father
Membership in God’s family, everything about your life changed
Father, Son and Holy Spirit One, the angels praise the Son
Jesus is God’s everything, He has come for you

Clay Corvin December 16, 2017