Why me Lord?
Suffering doesn’t seem fair
I’ve worked so hard
Life is so unfair

You know those that cheat get ahead
The mighty wander to and fro on the earth
Pronouncing from Olympus how things are or will be
Grabbing anything they want they live a life of ease

Do you see what they are doing Lord?
Evil nations and people destroying mankind
Are you going to intervene Lord?
Surely you will stop this senseless murder

Then I went to worship
I saw the Lord and experienced His divine presence
He gave me eyes that could see
He revealed to me His dealing with evil

I saw the end of all of those that flaunt the Lord
Evil has a limited time
God’s wrath is exploding against evil
One day Jesus will return in judgment and there will be no escape

Jesus spoke His love for me
He will always be with me
He will not forsake me or forget me
I am the focus of His saving mercy and grace

The Lord is good and worthy of all of my praise
He is great and mighty and there is no one like Him
His eye is on me and He will not leave me alone
His hand will guide me His strength will protect me

Clay Corvin Nov 6, 2010

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Clay Corvin

Clay Corvin is Co-Pastor at Bethel Community Baptist Church. He is the retired VP Business and Professor of Admin at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and was employed by NOBTS for 38 years. He was the pastor at the Brantley Baptist Center for twenty-five years. He is married to Carol Corvin and the father of three children and has three grandchildren. His ministry is to the homeless and helpless seeking to promote the cause of Christ everyplace he travels.