We come into this world with great need. You don’t have to teach want. 
Every day we face new challenges, wants and needs are always there. 
My Father sees to my wants. He makes all things new. He fills my soul.
Life with Him is always, forever-His love so deep and so wide he meets all my needs.

It’s hard for me to get it right in my mind. God loves me. 
The Creator of the universe is so caring and concerned about me.
He knows everything about me and still loves me. 
He came to Earth and died for me so that I could live.

My Father provides times of refreshing for me. 
Whatever else is going on My Shepherd provides rest for me. 
Nothing can separate me from His love. Nothing can throw me down and destroy me. 
Right there where I need it, the Lord has a place for me to rest in His presence.

When my world falls apart, He is with me. Evil attacks, my Father protects. 
Right in the face of evil the Lord leads me the right way. 
Righteousness is His gift to me in Jesus Christ. I live in Him. He lives in me. 
Every day I walk in victory. The Lord is my Shepherd.

He calls me to focus on Jesus. He is my strength. He is my protection. My rock. 
The Lord is here, right now, and I belong to Him forever. 
I do not fear because His hand is on me. I will sin but my Father will correct me. 
He is with me, and no fear can destroy me. His promise. My confidence.

Anxiety affects all that I do. Restless nights and fearful days. Evil is always active. 
Yet my Father deals with my anxiety. He will make a way to heal me. 
I do not fear the future and will daily walk in Jesus, my peace. 
Evil beware. God is active yesterday, today and tomorrow always protecting me.

My life is sanctioned by the Good Shepherd. I have value and worth.
He will not let my feet stumble nor will evil overwhelm me. 
Peace and security are His Word to me. He is here and lives in me.
His call to me is to live in peace and joy. The Lord is with me every moment of my life.

Clay Corvin

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Clay Corvin

Clay Corvin is Co-Pastor at Bethel Community Baptist Church. He is the retired VP Business and Professor of Admin at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and was employed by NOBTS for 38 years. He was the pastor at the Brantley Baptist Center for twenty-five years. He is married to Carol Corvin and the father of three children and has three grandchildren. His ministry is to the homeless and helpless seeking to promote the cause of Christ everyplace he travels.