Archive - 2022


God at work among mankind. 
His faithful servant writing His Words.
Sending to us so that we could see.
The church forming among mankind.
No strong men.  No wealth.  Only Jesus. 
Today we have church strong men.
Many churches have great wealth.
But we’ve lost two generations of children.
Today the world is as lost as can be.
The majority of people are dying and going to Hades.
They never heard the Gospel. 
The church stood by while they were destroyed. 
Men cried out for justice, while denying justice to the needy.
The arms race created evil weapons.  Countries killed each other.
The church runs for public office, seeking to appease the Lost. 
The Gospel is declared ineffective. 
Children desert their parents.
Society says good is evil and evil good. 
The church winks an eye, ignoring God and God’s Word.
Jesus is abandoned for a social word. 
The lost are abandoned. 
Everyone is hurting and ignoring Jesus. 
Pain and evil explode and still Jesus is ignored.
Seek the Lord and His way first. 
Bend the knee to Jesus and evil with flee. 
You may lose your physical life proclaiming the Gospel.
Your sacrifice, as Acts notes,
Will serve as a marker to guide people to Jesus. 
Surrender, obey, serve and sacrifice and you will lead many to Christ.
Jesus is Lord.  People need Him.  This is how you lead people to Jesus. 
Clay Corvin
August 20, 2022


I think we make a mistake
When we listen to the adults
Opine about how we should pray, worship and serve.
Always citing knowledge, and etiquette
They cite God as the one that demands each step
So much so that many become frustrated and stop. 
Why is that so prevalent?
Our Father wants to hear from us, to be with us
And Jesus Himself said “lest ye come as little children.”
How do children view God?
When they hurt they cry out, help me Lord.
They believe He will.  There is no formula, He is their Father. 
Listen to children speak of prayer. 
They believe there is great power in prayer.
They also believe that their Father, God, will answer their prayers. 
They move on assuming God has heard and will answer. 
Life is to be lived.  They live it.
Growing daily. 
Somewhere along the way someone tells them they must grow up.
Their faith suffers because of unbelief.
They become adults who have lost their way. 
Help Father.  Help us pray and spend time with You.
No formulas, no steps to holiness, just time with You.
Give me that faith that children have.
Today belongs to God.  Tomorrow belongs to God.
Every day I am permitted to live with Jesus as my guide and Lord. 
Every day, there will be new challenges and stronger faith. 
I belong to God.  He knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. 
I can trust my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
They know what I need, even when I don’t.
I will never outgrow Jesus.  He is God’s everything. 
I need Him every moment of every day.  I spend time with Him.  Think about Him. 
Thank you, Jesus, for directing my life.  Thank You Lord for loving me. 
Clay Corvin
July 18, 2022
Northport, AL


A Christian soldier.
A faithful husband.
A long time pastor.
He is devoted to Jesus.
He is a partner in ministry with his wife.

Mike is a committed soul winner.
He is an excellent disciple maker.
He has an amazing work ethic and is powered by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is his master and Mike is constantly sharing the Gospel.
Mike believes that everyone counts.

Mike is smart, well trained and faithful.
He is knowledgeable and applies that knowledge to his daily task.
He is wise in well doing.
Mike is a consistent intercessor in his daily quiet time.
A positive servant, he willingly sacrifices to accomplish his mission.

Mike is a giver.
He is effective and effectual in caring for people.
He is an experienced pastor and a gifted fund raiser.
He loves New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
He is shrewd and resourceful in leading Institutional Advancement.

He has a teachable spirit.
Mike is savvy in dealing with every challenge.
He works at developing as a leader.
A gentle person he believes in the work the Lord has assigned him.
He knows how to be a friend. He loves what Jesus has called him to do.

Clay Corvin
February 25, 2022


Servant, husband, father-He loves Jesus and helps people.
Trained, faithful and caring; people count and he helps people.

A long obedience in the direction of Jesus.
A life committed to his faith in Jesus and his love of family.

Ronnie has faced the hard, the harsh and the hating people do.
He has faithfully told the story of Jesus and what He can do for you.
He never lost his hot heart for the Gospel. Even now he tells the story.

A long life of ministry. A loving family man.
He combined what he taught and what he believed into daily actions for Jesus.
Always open and transparent, his heart warm and caring.
People love him and trust him.

Faith is more than words. It shapes a servant’s heart.
Ronnie has a Jesus shaped heart and he devotedly cares for people.

The Lord’s work continues. Every day is a Jesus focused day.
A tireless servant. A faithful parent.
Ronnie never goes anywhere without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is his all in all. Jesus is his life. One day face to face-Jesus.




Steve’s life is a life well lived-He has consistently done it God’s way.
He has a soft heart and a brilliant mind. A deep thinker.
A loving caring person.

Carol is the light of his life. They both live for Jesus and love each other.
Steve and Carol raised their son to be a good model of Christian living.
They live their life with Christ as their leader, model, and teacher.

Steve’s work is critical for the future of the Seminary.
He loves New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary deeply.
His life is invested there, and he is serving the Seminary with all his heart.

Steve loves people. He delights in teaching. He cares for the student.
His work is for Christ. He lives to serve. He is a faithful disciple maker.
He is trustworthy, faithful, and kind. He is loyal to Jesus.

Steve is one of the great scholars in Southern Baptist life.
His path is a life-long journey to excellence in serving Jesus and students.
He cares that his students learn, and He excels in the classroom experience.

Every day of his life is a challenge. He trusts the Lord.
A private man, Steve considers each day with special gratitude to the Lord.
He deals with his challenges with wisdom, and grace. He loves Jesus.

Retirement is just ahead. A significant change of activity.
But Jesus will always be his focus. His disciple making will continue.
It will be different and the same. He loves the Lord.

Steve is living a practical Christian life. Filled with wonder and awe.
His family, his work, his play all devoted to Jesus.
His life is lived with “a long obedience in the same direction.”

Clay Corvin
In honor of a life well lived.
March 3, 2022

Nehemiah 8:10 – JOY

We must learn to be happy in the hard times and not wait until things get better. Jesus is with us and it’s always good for us. Learn to be happy. Accept His joy now. Hard times come and go. Jesus gives us joy and peace for everyday of our life. 

The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10)



We come into this world with great need. You don’t have to teach want. 
Every day we face new challenges, wants and needs are always there. 
My Father sees to my wants. He makes all things new. He fills my soul.
Life with Him is always, forever-His love so deep and so wide he meets all my needs.

It’s hard for me to get it right in my mind. God loves me. 
The Creator of the universe is so caring and concerned about me.
He knows everything about me and still loves me. 
He came to Earth and died for me so that I could live.

My Father provides times of refreshing for me. 
Whatever else is going on My Shepherd provides rest for me. 
Nothing can separate me from His love. Nothing can throw me down and destroy me. 
Right there where I need it, the Lord has a place for me to rest in His presence.

When my world falls apart, He is with me. Evil attacks, my Father protects. 
Right in the face of evil the Lord leads me the right way. 
Righteousness is His gift to me in Jesus Christ. I live in Him. He lives in me. 
Every day I walk in victory. The Lord is my Shepherd.

He calls me to focus on Jesus. He is my strength. He is my protection. My rock. 
The Lord is here, right now, and I belong to Him forever. 
I do not fear because His hand is on me. I will sin but my Father will correct me. 
He is with me, and no fear can destroy me. His promise. My confidence.

Anxiety affects all that I do. Restless nights and fearful days. Evil is always active. 
Yet my Father deals with my anxiety. He will make a way to heal me. 
I do not fear the future and will daily walk in Jesus, my peace. 
Evil beware. God is active yesterday, today and tomorrow always protecting me.

My life is sanctioned by the Good Shepherd. I have value and worth.
He will not let my feet stumble nor will evil overwhelm me. 
Peace and security are His Word to me. He is here and lives in me.
His call to me is to live in peace and joy. The Lord is with me every moment of my life.

Clay Corvin